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Stephen King Heading Back to Iconic Fictional Locale With New Novella

Stephen King
Image Credit: Impressive Magazine

Located in Stephen King’s fictional version of Maine, the fictional town of Castle Rock has been the setting of several King stories, beginning with 1979’s The Dead Zone. Other stories, novels, and novellas set in Castle Rock include Cujo, The Body (which became Stand By Me), The Dark Half, and Needful Things, and the town has been at least mentioned in most of King’s books.

For the first time in many years, we’re soon headed back to Castle Rock.

Cemetery Dance Publications founder and owner Richard Chizmar just revealed over on Facebook that he recently finished a novella with King, and though he wasn’t at liberty to reveal the plot details or even the title, Chizmar did break the exciting news of the story’s setting:

Regarding the novella I recently finished writing with Stephen King… I can’t tell you the title yet. I can’t tell you the plot synopsis. And I can’t tell you publication details. But I can tell you that readers will soon be heading back to a small town in Maine called Castle Rock.

Released in 1991, Needful Things was billed as “the last Castle Rock story.”



  • dukeblues

    Where is the follow up to Salems’ Lot? That is a great book.

    • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

      Did you ever read the short story ‘One for the Road’? It was in the Night Shift collection and it a sequel of sorts to Salem’s Lot.

  • Sky Commander

    I’d have been waaaaay more excited if it was Salem’s Lot or Derry

    • Carlton Fisher

      Agreed. I clicked on this crossing my fingers and really, really hoping it would be ‘Salem’s Lot. Derry would even be fine (especially as a tie-in with IT coming out this fall). But I’ve jumped at every little scrap of ‘Salem’s Lot material we’ve gotten (what few there have been) since I originally read the book.

      • Lallen

        I’m currently reading the book for a second time. It’s such a great story!

        • Carlton Fisher

          I know! It’s probably my favorite novel ever. I’ve read it at least 20 times, probably more.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I thought Castle Rock burned to the ground in Needful Things.

    • Khy

      If this story is set in the present they could’ve rebuilt in the years since Needful Things.

  • Dean Borella

    Regardless of where it’s set, if it’s SK then I’m reading it.

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