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[Toy Fair ’17] Super 7 Unveils New Wave of ‘Alien’ ReAction Figures Including Jonesy!

The retro-style ReAction Figures line all began with a wave of Alien toys that the company Super 7 literally unearthed from the past. To make a long story short, the figures were based on prototypes of Alien toys that Kenner never ended up releasing back in 1979; the line was soon picked by Funko, who expanded heavily upon it by depicting other movie characters in the style.

Now, the rights to the line have returned to Super 7, and we’re happy to report that they’re making more Alien ReAction Figures. As shown by Toyark out of Toy Fair, the third wave will include screen-accurate versions of Ripley, Dallas, and Ash, who were all previously available in the line, along with brand new characters Brett, Parker, Lambert and yes, even the cat Jonesy!

The figure of Ash features a removable head, making it extra special.

Super 7 also showed off various other upcoming Alien collectibles, including the tease of a new line titled ReAnimated Figures. You can check out all the goodies below.




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