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[Toy Fair ’17] NECA’s Next Series of ‘Alien’ Toys Includes First Ever Lambert Figure

As they always do, NECA has been absolutely kicking ass over at Toy Fair this weekend. Their upcoming line of DC vs. Alien and Predator figures, which includes a mash-up of The Joker and a Xenomorph, may very well be the coolest reveal of the year, but they’re not done yet!

Just unveiled by the company is the eleventh series of their Alien/Aliens toy line, which includes three brand new figures… including the FIRST EVER action figure of an Alien character!

Series 11 includes the first-ever Lambert with an authorized likeness, as well as two new Alien figures: one from Dark Horse’s Aliens: Defiance comic book mini-series, and a classic Kenner Alien tribute that’s cast in translucent blue plastic just like the original.

Joan Lambert, navigator of the USCSS Nostromo, stands approximately 7” tall and features the likeness of Veronica Cartwright. She comes with two heads, removable helmet and flashlight accessory.

Both Xenomorph action figures stand over 9” tall and feature over 30 points of articulation with bendable tails.

Look for Series 11 this coming May. See more images on NECA’s website.



  • Satanzilla

    Ha ha look at lambert in that last pic — as if one wasn’t bad enough for her!

    Veronica Cartwright is a bit of a character and I’ll bet she’d be tickled to know there’s an action figure of her. I hope they send her one. (The article doesn’t say whether Cartwright or Fox authorized the likeness.)

    • roger

      They wouldn´t make a figure without likeness authorization. Like with the Kane figure. They never got John Hurt´s likeness license, so they put a facehugger on it´s face.

      • Satanzilla

        Depends on what the artists contract with the studio says — the studio may have all rights to the character, including likeness. In that case the actor has granted to the studio her common law right of publicity to the extent of the characters depiction.

        • roger

          So what ?! Your comment makes no sense. Your doubt was if Neca had the rights or not and i just answered. No rights, no figure.

          • Satanzilla

            LOL, are we reading the same conversation? You said that a figure is NEVER made without the actor’s consent. So I responded that sometimes the actor does not have the rights to approve a figure of a character if the studio has all rights to the character, and so it depends on their contract. That means that we are not just talking about this specific actor. And my “doubt” was NEVER whether NECA “had the rights” or not. Do you understand now? (I’m guessing … no.)

  • Tiger Quinn

    Comes with optional cryface and real Ripley slapping action!

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