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Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan Talk Their Version of ‘The Raid’; Not a Hollywood Remake

It was only a matter of time before badass Indonesian fight film The Raid was remade here in America, and as announced earlier this month, Joe Carnahan (The Grey) will be the man in the director’s chair for that remake. But if you’re afraid of Carnahan simply putting an American spin on the 2011 film that you love so much, prepare to have those fears curbed.

Speaking with Collider, Carnahan and star Frank Grillo (The Purge: Election Year) just dug deep into their vision for a “remake” of The Raid, revealing that the plot will center on the relationship between two brothers forced to fight for their lives. They describe the film as a passion project that will be made without studio guidance, with the budget set at under $20 million.

Carnahan teased the differences between his film and Gareth Evans’ original:

It’s [about] heightening elements of The Raid that were already there. I’m taking these story elements and kind of weaponizing them. Just giving them a shot of steroids, because again everything is about zagging—where The Raid zigged, we’ll zag.

He also promised that the violence will not be toned down, and that the characters won’t be superhuman fighting machines but rather ordinary men fighting through the pain:

There’s a level of brutality, a level of violence. If our movie felt like the knife fight between Adam Goldberg and the German in Saving Private Ryan the entirety of the movie, then we’ve done exactly what we need to do. Something that grueling and tough.

So why adapt the property, rather than make something totally new? Grillo explains:

First of all, we’re not the Hollywood version of anything. We come through the back door all the time. I’m not Tom Cruise. I’m not the Hollywood version.  I’m not knocking Tom Cruise, but he’s Tom Cruise. He gets to do whatever he wants. So my point is we don’t have to do this. We can do anything we want to do. We want to do this because there’s something we see that we want to show to American audiences, and audiences globally. Many people have not seen The Raid.

Carnahan’s The Raid will be set in Caracas, Venezuela, and he’s currently writing the script. Both he and Grillo want to get rolling as soon as possible.



  • nowaygetreal

    How do you give The Raid a shot of steroids? The original was already a roid-rage fueled kick in the ass.

  • zombie84_41

    i like joe he makes good movies and frank is a good actor. but we honestly dont need a remake maybe it will be good. but chances are it will suck. Maybe we get lucky and get a dawn of the dead remake.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Technically we didn’t need the original movie either.

      • zombie84_41

        Of course we did, IDK what drugs you be on.

        • Ocelot006 .

          Then how do you know we don’t need a movie we haven’t even seen yet?

          • zombie84_41

            Because it’s a remake. I want to have faith in this, I like both Frank and Joe, they both do great movies. But once again its a remake, have you ever seen a remake that was worthy or better, or improved. I honestly can’t see them doing either of these. The Raid is already amazing, and IDK what more you can improve on. Maybe by luck, we’ll get a remake that is solid. I guess time till tell. But i’m staying with my gut and saying it won’t. I can only think of two movies that stay with me though, The Thing and Dawn Of The Dead.

  • Jack Derwent

    “We want to do this because there’s something we see that we want to show to American audiences, and audiences globally. Many people have not seen The Raid.”

    Nothing’s stopping them.

    • chuck

      Not being in English and not having “American” actors in it is what caused people especially in the US to not watch it.

      This way people will get to see this version and the hope is they will get curious and go watch the original one and see how much that one kicks ass.

      It is a win/win

  • Rez

    The Raid was zigging and zagging all over the place…..I don’t give a rats ass what is said in his interview….this is a remake and if not…don’t call it the raid.

    • Saturn

      Call it Dredd 3D………

      (and before anyone says I KNOW Dredd 3D was in production long before The Raid, and post production longer, so the similarities are just a coincidence – BOTH are great movies in their own right).

  • I love Grillo but bugger off mate. The original is amazing and needs no remake just because noobs cannot read subtitles like the rest of the world. and Let’s be honest without the majestic direction of Evans and the amazing choreography of Iko and Yayan is going to be a lame imitation. Just like the remake of District 13.

    • Ocelot006 .

      The rest of the world doesn’t deal with subtitles much. They deal with dubs.

      The real issues is pirate cunts unwilling to spend a dime on the first two.

      • Yeah they do to some parts. UK, Australia, Greece, Latin Am countries have subtitles. And dubbing is awful

        • Saturn

          Indeed, it really seems that the country that seems to have difficulty with subtitles the most is the U.S.
          Not sure why as I’ve seen many American horror fans mentioning they don’t have a problem with subtitles, as it’s best to watch the movie in it’s original spoken language – but the vast majority don’t really like them,.
          I choose to believe it’s that we horror fans are vastly more intelligent than the general movie going public.

          Dubbing is usually awful, but sometimes works well.

          I remember many years back a friend made a copy onto vhs (from dvd) for me of Story Of Ricky, and it was hilarious as it had the English language dub AND the English translated subtitles – they definitely didn’t match! It was possible to watch the film twice and each time, depending if you listened to the dub or read the subs it was like a different movie.

          This was back before it became so easy to import stuff into the UK using Amazon and the like.

      • dsxy

        Evans said he’s not touching raid 3 for 2 to 3 years, nothing to do with pirates.

        • Ocelot006 .

          Well according to my watch, those 2-3 years are up and not a lock of movement

    • Saturn

      Yeah Grillo is cool, but if The Raid “has” to be remade, then the role really should be a shoe-in for Scott Adkins.

      • dsxy

        Scott Adkins can’t act for shit.

  • Ocelot006 .

    If people didn’t pirate the Raid 2 we would have had the Raid 3 by now. But people suck.

    • Josh Evans

      I have it on blu-ray. I’m not part of the problem…*coughs*…this time.

  • plutohiller

    I’m pretty excited. Love both Raid movies, but they are martial arts focused and seem like they were adapted from a comic book. Love the brutality of the choreography, but I think the movie will be even more intense with a more realistic tone that Carnahan is talking about. The realism he brought to the Grey and Narc were impressive. Grillo can pull it off based on his performance in the Purge. Less martial arts focus and more realistic, gritty hand to hand. I’m picturing Hunted with Benicio and Tommy Lee style fighting. I don’t see how it could be bad because we’ve seen another version of the Raid with Dredd, and that movie was awesome too.

    • Bryano

      I thought that the strength of the story was what helped the movies to be great in the first place. I wouldn’t say they’re martial-arts focused in any way that affects the movie negatively. There are extended breaks in the 2nd movie where no action happens for upwards of 20 minutes.

    • Kev Weldon

      Technically The Raid was another version of Dredd that happened to get released first but your larger point still stands.

  • Chad Kuhns

    Without Gareth directing and Iko starring it’s not the Raid. No remake no matter the direction or intent is going to do is justice.

    Change the title, use both Raid movies as a foundation for something original…but don’t think anything is going to come close to recapturing any spirit of the original. It lies solely in the director and star

  • shawn lawson

    Pffff….this is gonna suck. Thank God for Headshot.

  • fannypack aficionado

    This movie is not needed because THE RAID IS A PERFECT FUCKING FILM!

  • Matt Graupman

    Setting aside whether or not “The Raid” needs a remake, can we all just take a minute to appreciate Carnahan referencing the knife fight scene in “Saving Private Ryan?” Because that shit was BRUTAL.

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