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Brilliant Twitter Account Uses “The Simpsons” Stills To Represent Horror Movies

Well, all kinds of movies really, but let’s focus on the horror ones!

I’m pretty sure I have a new favorite Twitter account. Actually, @BDisgusting (cheap plug!) will always be my favorite, but I have a new second favorite. The account @SimpsonsFilms was launched last October, and there’s a reason it already has a massive 15.6k followers. The reason? It’s one of the most clever accounts on Twitter, whether you love “The Simpsons” or not.

The concept is as follows. The person who runs the account takes screen-grabs from “The Simpsons” episodes that look like still images from movies, and he uses them to represent those movies. I’m now realizing this is hard to explain, but you’ll see what I mean in a second.

What would some of your favorite horror movies look like in the world of “The Simpsons”? Check out some of our favorite tweets from our new (second) favorite account below!



  • THGrimm

    Ah ha awesome. The ones for Don’t Breathe and Blue Velvet are my favorites.

    • Ted C

      I knew at least one person would use the word “awesome”.

      • THGrimm

        Yeah, it’s a pretty common word.

  • AdamX

    The Scanners one could double for A Nightmare on Elm St.

    Very cool.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Lol the don’t breathe one is very accurate

  • DarkBree


  • Charles Cumella

    “The Happening” is the one that made me chuckle the most for some reason. haha

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