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There Was an ‘Incredible Melting Man’ Tribute On “The Walking Dead” Last Night

We tipped you off early last week that last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was going to feature a tribute to Creepshow, but as it turns out, it wasn’t the only classic horror homage.

The episode, directed by Greg Nicotero, also featured a tribute to makeup effects master Rick Baker’s work in the ’77 film The Incredible Melting Man. The movie centers on an astronaut who is transformed into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage, and a walker seen on the latest episode looked like a dead ringer for the ill-fated man.

Nicotero made note of the homage on Instagram, writing:

This walker from this week’s episode was an homage to Rick Baker’s work in The Incredible Melting Man and unfortunately you didn’t really get a chance to see it in the episode but Kerrin Jackson and Kevin Wasner did a great job on this I believe the sculpture was done by Norman Cabrera. I loved the thick layer of ultra ice that was added to make the veins look deep under the skin.

You may have also noticed a zombie last night that looked similar to a monster seen in 1985’s House; from what I gather, this was not intentional. But it’s close enough to warrant a mention!

Check out both zombies below.



  • Immediately when I saw that trailer zombie I thought of the film HOUSE 🙂

    • Bobby Jones

      if their paying homage to House, they should’ve had the Richard Moll zombie in with all the military walkers

    • Modok

      Me, too! I haven’t even seen House in years but I thought about it as soon as that zombie came out of the house.

      I love the zombie tributes they do on TWD.

  • Blk Mgc Maverick

    What movie is that last still from? The one with the gruesome lady holding the shotgun.

    • John Squires

      House (1985).

      • Blk Mgc Maverick

        Thank you. I’ve. Been meaning to catch that movie forever now.

  • blackie_chan

    They need to pay homage to some better writing. They tried that ambiguous shit again with Rick…i didn’t fall for it this time . The only saving grace of the show is Negan

    • I was sat there saying to my partner “I’m surprised they tried that trick twice!”. I think the main ‘problem’ this season has been that they have been heavy on the ‘character’ episodes, as opposed to on the action. I assume to build up for an all-out war, which I also assume will continue into the next season too… but it has felt a bit “meh”. I’m also not keen that the network has toned down the violence because people were complaining that the violence was too much for young viewers… who the fuck is letting their young kids watch The Walking Dead!?!?

      • J Jett

        i thought the show’s producers (or whoever) made an official statement saying they did not tone down the violence despite what was being reported. but who knows, they could just be saying that they didn’t just to save face or something.

        • Oh really? I didn’t know that. I know the Glenn death scene got cut here in the UK – which is stupid. I hope they do a full uncut version for the DVD. I’ve never understood the American mentality of having to make everything for Tweens – if it should be an 18 rating, make it an 18 rating!

  • John Piccolo

    This episode was so boring.. The Eugene centric episode from last week was so much more interesting than last nights garbage

    • Nat X

      I agree. That was the only halfway interesting episode since the mid-season break.

      • John Piccolo


        Another thing i really dont like is Rick and Michonne. Well there is nothing wrong with the Michonne character, i really dont find the actress Danai Gurira all that attractive and I cant picture them together. They really should have kept Alexandra Breckenridge who played Jessie last season. She is absolutely beautiful. If producers are going to do filler episodes such as these, they really need to have a lot more impact with great story telling that always will bring the show somewhere. The only really part that of last nights episode was Rick explaining that either he or Michonne must go on if either one of them die, then the other one must go on fighting.. I also thought it would have been great character wise if Rick was going to kill the dear and then had a change of heart and let it go. I think that is how it was played out in the scene. I think Rick was going to let the dear go when the ferris wheel ride broke and Rick took a swan dive…

        • Nat X

          My issue with the relationship is that there is no chemistry between Rick and Michonne (or Andrew and Danai) and I don’t see any reason for them to be together except for the convenience of the plot. Maybe it’s just me, but love scenes in TWD kill all momentum dead in its tracks. Plus, Greg Nicotero is an effects guy and has no idea how to make an intimate scene work. As a result, it’s even more clunky.

          • John Piccolo

            Some very good points Nat X .. I dont see any chemistry either. I could see Rick with either Lori or Jessie but I dont see him with Michonne at all. Shows like this have to have thir little romance here and there. They made the Glen and Maggie romance work pretty good. Plus maybe it was the first time Steven Yeun got to touch a very hot girl such as Lauren Cohan 🙂 Not really enjoying the boy haircut on Lauren.. These short hairdo’s dont work for the most part on beautiful women and this is the perfect example.

          • Nat X

            True. Glen and Maggie hooked up when Frank Darabont ran the show and he knew how to set it up and make it believable. They had good chemistry. The new romances are cheesy.

  • FadedLineVigil

    I don’t think there’s ever been a show with such a steep decline in quality than the Walking Dead. Started great but by season 3 it became unbearable for me. Have not watched since and apparently I’m not missing much. I watched the Negan scene on YouTube and saved myself hours of terrible acting, character development, dialogue and writing.

  • Nat X

    Can we just all admit at this point that Rick is now a superhero? Hordes and hordes of undead surround him and he scurries away without a scratch, while nobody extras stumble across a single walker in the woods and are immediately bitten. This show used to offer suspense by making you think anyone could die and any time. It’s so predictable now all the suspense is gone.

    • John Piccolo

      Superhero like John John McClane from Die Hard 🙂 The last two Die Hards, John Mcclane falls from big buildings and car crashes and has barely a scratch on him 🙂

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