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Did CW Secretly Greenlight “The Lost Boys” Series?

Last month we shred the disappointing news that the CW had ordered six new pilots, only one of them wasn’t the reimagining of “The Lost Boys”. According to the story, CW wasn’t passing on the series, but instead was shifting it to next year’s cycle, allowing more time for development.

It’s a complex interpretation; we learned last summer that CW’s plans for the series are impressively ambitious. They want to reimagine the beloved film across seven seasons, with each season taking place in a different decade beginning with the ’60s; the characters and settings will change from season to season.

The first season of the series, which hails from Warner Bros. Television and showrunner Rob Thomas (“iZombie”), will be set in San Francisco during 1967’s Summer of Love.

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After the article hit, we put “The Lost Boys” out of mind, only to now learn that it could potentially be shooting in secret. A casting call was sent out, seeking a young Caucasian whom “must be OK with prosthetic make-up, contact lenses and wearing a wig.” According to the site, their sources indicate that this isn’t just a pilot, but that CW has quietly ordered “The Lost Boys” to series.

We’ll update you guys when we have more info, but you’ll find said casting call at the aforementioned link.

Thomas penned the script and executive produces via his Spondoolie Productions banner, alongside Danielle Stokdyk, Dan Etheridge, Juliana Janes, Mike Karz and Bill Bindley.



  • Grimphantom
  • Prince Of Darkness

    This is the CW. The show will be a teenage soap opera and the vampires will be openly gay. The CW is for people who will watch anything no matter how cheesy and craptastic it is.

  • Darth_Siskel

    What’s the point? CW already has a vampire show full of impossibly pretty people.

    • jugss

      Those are getting axed this year.

  • shane-o-mac

    If i want to watch vampires on the cw i will watch sam and dean kill them on supernatural lol The only horror type shows the cw put out that was any good was Cult (lasted 1 season) and Supernatural (going on like 13 seasons i think)

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