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Yes, There Was an Intentional (and Brutal) ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Tribute in ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is clearly a horror fan.

When I wrote my review of Kong: Skull Island here on Bloody Disgusting over the weekend, I noted that the film pushes its PG-13 rating pretty far in terms of on-screen violence. I wrote that there’s “one standout scene in particular [that] plays out like a gruesome homage to Cannibal Holocaust,” adding that “I sure didn’t see it coming, and it shocked the hell out of me.”

The scene I was referring to takes place when the soldiers encounter a massive spider. The spider, who uses it giant legs like razor sharp daggers, slams one of those impossibly long legs literally down the throat of one of the soldiers, impaling and instantly killing him. After leaving him impaled for a few seconds, the spider pulls out its leg and the man drops dead on the ground.

The cruel death sure seemed to have been directly inspired by the most memorably horrifying moment from Cannibal Holocaust, and indeed this was quite intentional.

Writer Mark Kermode just confirmed the tribute, via the film’s director:

Hope this one didn’t give the kiddies too many nightmares!



  • zombie84_41

    This movie is fucking amazing, its more amazing then it ever should be. Best kong ever. and it was brutal for a PG-13, wish more PG-13 movies were like this.

    • Saturn

      Although it’s NOT the best Kong movie ever (the original is still the best) I can honestly say it’s my 2nd favourite Kong movie.
      Saw it the other day and absolutely loved it – MUCH better than the Godzilla movie from a couple of years or so ago. And I enjoyed that one too.

      • Adam Paquette

        I still think the 2005 version is the best. The original is a classic, true, but entertainment wise? I’d still stick with King Kong ’05.

        • Saturn

          Kong has been lucky really in that most of the movies he’s been in have been at least half decent – King Kong Lives is the one for me that really sticks out as a weaker movie.

        • Bluegrasslass

          You have *got* to be kidding me! The crappiest CGI ever to burn my retinas. Made the Scorpion King look like Michaelangelo!

          • The Fucked Up

            You must have seen a very different version of Mummy Returns than I have. That Scorpion King will be forever pasted into the album of my memory. What a fucking disaster even then. Kong had some of the most complex shots ever pulled (back then), and, assuming you are referring to the stampede scene from Kong, all it suffered from was a drive to do more than was technically feasable at the time. No amount of kickass compositing could have fixed that sequence, the design was just off. Scorpion King looked like a half assed intern’s attempt and forgot the bump and normal maps. And then it got past QA…. still puzzles me.

      • zombie84_41

        ya well nothing will ever beat the 30’s kong. That movie is still revolubitry. I loved the Godzilla movie alot too. Cant wait for the next one. you see shin godzilla yet?

        • Saturn

          I watched Shin last week (although not as the double bill I planned with SvK – it was double billed with the American Godzilla movie from a couple of years back) and to be honest I was a little disappointed with it.

          It took a while to realise that the dozey looking beast that originally turned up, who looked stoned out of his head, was actually the big G….
          And his tail was ridiculous.

          I really wanted to love it, I really did, as I’m a big fan of Godzilla but (aside from a few scenes when G gets the whole laser show on) it felt flat to me, plus the editting was all over the place!

  • sweetooth0

    Awesome movie! Cannibal Holocaust was exactly what I thought about when that scene happened, and when the girlfriend and I were talking about the movie after I referred to that scene as the part where the guy gets impaled cannibal holocaust style.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “impaling and instantly killing him.”

    Wasn’t it a chick in cannibal holocaust?

    So hollywood wants to pat themselves on the back with homage to a racy image from a classic horror flick,
    but not too racy!

    PC that down a little bit!

    • Tiger Quinn

      Oh grow the fuck up, everything isn’t an attack on your childhood.

      • aFriendlyAgenda

        Get a new excuse
        I’ve never even seen the movie and have no personal attachment to it

        Its just funny to me that they’ll do a homage to a classic “offensive” scene from the video nasties days, and then take the offensive out of it
        Why even choose to do a homage to that scene if you’re going to neuter it? They could have chose something else

        But taking something classic and then race-swapping and gender-swapping and neutering it to be more acceptable to the politically correct is supposed to be sort of artistic achievement these days by

        • itsnoneofyourbusiness

          the “offense” to that scene is the brutality and violence, which is still there. the gender of the character doesn’t matter, yet somehow to you it does. get a grip

  • Yeah, a CGI spider impaling someone doesn’t exactly hold the same shock value the Cannibal Holocaust scene did, but nice tribute nonetheless. Maybe Jordan Vogt-Roberts is considering doing his own cannibal flick?

  • I honestly was watching the film and telling my boyfriend “man, bloodydisgusting would love this movie”

    • John Squires

      We sure did! =)

  • Ima Badlady

    Ehh… why would you want to pay tribute to that… film is a mystery to me.

  • Carl Chrystan

    So a thirty year-old mystery solved for me! I always wondered in Cannibal Holocaust from which end she was impaled. Seems it was down the throat and not up the bum! I always thought it was the other way round!

    • The Fucked Up

      Let’s discuss for a moment which would be worse, the more graphic the better… I feel a Slayer song coming on 😉

      • Brian McNatt

        Down the throat would probably be the quicker death. Faster route to the heart and lungs. Going the other way means going up through the intestines, blood and feces gushing out everywhere, nothing to stifle the screams of anguish until she bleeds out or her heart gives out from the shock… yeah, up the bum’s definitely the worse option.

        • The Fucked Up

          I’ll drink to that

  • Brian McNatt

    There was a family at the showing I went to see. Two kids, neither older than 6 or 7, at a guess. The number of times the mom had to escort one of the kids out of the theater over the course of the movie was hilarious.

    • Fredrik Johansen

      Wait…. What? She took the kids out of the theater only to bring them back again, and kept going back and forth throughout the movie?

      • Brian McNatt

        Yep. Once I could understand, but you’d think by the third time she’d realize it was a lost cause and just give the movie up for a day when she could get a babysitter.

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