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‘Leprechaun’ Franchise Creator Almost Made Hybrid Horror Film ‘Vamprechaun’?!

Leprechaun : Credit Artistan/Lionsgate

Back in 1993, Mark Jones launched a long-running franchise with Leprechaun, which of course starred Warwick Davis as the pint-sized monster. But what you’ve probably never heard is that, beginning in ’09, Jones attempted to kick-start a brand new franchise inspired by his greatest success. He planned to introduce the world to Vamprechaun!

The story behind the project, which failed to get off the ground, was just detailed over on THR, and it’s a pretty confusing one that’s full of legalities that this reader barely understands. But I’ve read through it a couple times and I think I’ve managed to make some sense of it.

So here’s the in-a-nutshell gist.

The film, which was naturally going to center on a leprechaun (a different leprechaun than the Warwick Davis one) being bitten by a vampire, was pitched to a man named Mark Thompson, who claimed to be a production attorney. Based on Thompson’s interest in the general concept, Jones wrote a spec script in 2013; but Thompson’s attempts to fund the project fell through.

The project came back to life a few years later when Jones was put into contact with different financiers, but Thompson came back into the picture and began acting as if he was still the production attorney – a position he didn’t actually hold. When he was told he needed to step away, Thompson falsely claimed that he co-conceived the idea for the mashup film with Jones.

As it turns out, Thompson wasn’t even a legit attorney at all, and the whole mess caused the project to lose its funding altogether. Jones is now suing Thompson for $3 million in damages.

And Vamprechaun, as you might imagine, has been put on indefinite hold.

The world, dear friends, is a lesser place without it.



  • Horrible Day

    Wow, all this hassle over a vampire leprechaun movie…

    • Bla Blah

      script must have been Oscar worthy

  • Carlton Fisher

    Perhaps I’m making a snap judgement, but this doesn’t scream “great idea” to me.

    • Wes Draven

      Pfft… The idea’s gold. Pots of gold.

  • Andrew Thompson

    I remember hearing all about the plot, which had sounded really convoluted–some shit about “red gold” instead of, I dunno, being about a vampire/leprechaun that lusted for both blood and gold.

    …I would be there to watch it ASAP if it happened.

  • Bart Crowe

    Vamprechaun in da Space Hood 3

  • Josh Nitsche

    I really hope this gets worked out. I’d love to see Warwick as the Leprechaun again.

  • Blood Boil


  • Otterlee

    I’d watch it. Most fun I’ve had camping since Basket Case.

  • Abandoned_Being

    If this movie ever gets made I can hear the phrase now “Me want me blood and gold.”

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