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[Exclusive] Factory Entertainment’s Freddy Krueger Premium Motion Statue Unveiled

Out of Toy Fair last month we got our first sneak peek at Factory Entertainment’s Freddy Krueger premium motion statue, based on the dream demon’s appearance in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. As we told you at the time, 10″ statues of both Jason Voorhees and Pennywise are also on the way, but today we’re here to exclusively unveil the aforementioned Freddy statue.

The fine folks over on Factory Entertainment sent along a video that provides a 360-degree look at the incredible statue, which features two interchangeable heads as well as two different sets of arms. If that wasn’t enough to keep you awake at night, this statue also features 9 digitally mastered sound effects and pieces of dialogue sourced directly from the film itself!

Check out the video below and read on for details.

A highly detailed Premium Motion Statue straight out of your dreams, or your worst nightmares!

Freddy Krueger comes to life in this 10 inch hand-painted homage to the boiler room dweller. He also comes closer to terrifying collectors to death with interchangeable magnet connected extremities which feature regular posed arms, the iconic stretched out arms as seen in the ally scene, a traditional head and the ever-classic skull as seen when Freddy rips his face right off of his head! Truly beautiful!

The statue is now available for pre-order, with a price tag of $124.99. It’s expected to begin shipping this coming summer, and you can grab yours over on Factory Entertainment’s website.

Stay tuned for our detailed review of this bad boy!




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