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“Evil Dead: Regeneration”: Bruce Campbell Jokes Around in These Forgotten Extras!

Ahead of The Evil Dead‘s 25th anniversary, THQ’s “Evil Dead: Regeneration” was released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and even mobile platforms on September of 2005.

In a “what-if” situation, Ash is charged with the murders of his friends after the horrifying events in the cabin. His story of fighting for his life against supernatural possessed people is lacking in credibility and is put in a mental institution. His attorney Sally finally believes his story, thanks to Professor Knowby’s diary, and proceeds to find a way to get him out. Little do they know that the owner of the mental institution, Dr. Reinhard, has gotten hold of the Necronomicon and has re-released the evil. Ash with the help of Sam the half-deadite midget, must once again defeat the evil and rescue Sally from Dr. Reinhard.”

The Evil Dead video game brought Bruce Cambell back to voice Ash, the character we had been dying to see return after years of exile. While we’ve since seen Evil Dead remade, and have the awesome “Ash vs Evil Dead” series on Starz, this was a point in time where every Evil Dead release was a gift, and seeing Campbell was a huge, huge deal.

Resurfacing on YouTube just yesterday were these forgotten extras from the “Evil Dead: Regeneration” game that features interviews with Campbell, footage of Ted Raimi recording audio, and tons of pieces of concept art. But there’s a lot of information hiding within that blew my mind; not only does Campbell reveal that he recorded audio for a sequel to the game (that never got made), but he confirms a lot of the Ash vs. Evil Dead rumors, adding that lawyers were battling over which intellectual property was most valuable! Shit, he even talks about the long-gestured Evil Dead 4

Campbell’s charm is on full display here, as he jokes he way through these must-see hilarious extras…




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