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The ‘Puppet Master’ Remake Begins Filming Next Week!

Comedy thesp Thomas Lennon (Hellbaby, “The State”) is bringing his charm to the Puppet Master remake, which begins principal photography in Dallas next week.

Titled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, the entire cast includes Jenny Pellicer, Nelson Franklin (Scott Pilgrim, Jobs), Charlyne Yi (Cloverfield), and Alex Beh, with genre fav Barbara Crampton (From Beyond, Re-Animator, You’re Next, Sun Choke), Tina Parker (“Breaking Bad”, The Final Destination), Skeeta Jenkins and the great Michael Paré (Streets on Fire), Variety is reporting.

Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, who helmed the awesome Evil Dead-esque Wither, will direct from a script written by Bone Tomahawk screenwriter S. Craig Zahler.

“Puppet Master: The Little Reich” centers on a recently divorced young man discovers a mint condition Blade doll in his deceased brother’s closet and plans to sell the toy at a convention in Texas celebrating the 30th anniversary of the infamous Toulon Murders. All hell breaks loose at during the auction when a strange force animates all of the various puppets throughout the convention as they go on a bloody killing spree.

Producers assert that the new will include the puppet mayhem mixed with comedy while expanding upon Toulon’s backstory, which makes Lennon the perfect choice. Udo Kier, which Bloody Disgusting exclusively revealed as part of the cast, will portray Toulon. Zahler sought out Laguna and Wiklund to direct due to his interest in their previous micro-budget horror films.

Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk are producing for Cinestate, along with Jack Heller of Assemble Media. Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian of Di Bonaventura Pictures are also producers on the project along with frequent Laguna & Wiklund partner David Liljeblad.



  • Peter Kushing

    Hopefully Udo is in this for more than 2 minutes with that backstory, ’cause that convention mayhem aspect is corny.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    lol remake

    • Dr. Acula

      it is a remake. They are remaking the first movie again. Same thing, just a auction hall and not a hotel.

  • Chip

    I’m so confused. Why are we calling it a remake when it’s clearly just putting itself in the same timeline as the original?

    • Bloated Butcher

      I guess because it is the first one going to theaters, so 80% of people going to see it haven’t seen any of the others so its connection (if any?) to the other movies is probably very slim. Also the puppets are all being ‘remade’ and redesigned from scratch by a new artist. It also claims Toulon is a Nazi in the plot, and he wasn’t in the original so either it is not connected to the other movies or there’s a twist.

    • Dr. Acula

      Since when was Toulon a nazi in the original timeline?

      Barbara Crampton confirmed it is a reboot and has nothing to do with the others.

      It is easy to say Remake instead of Reboot, what exactly is a remake anyway, the only example I could think of is PSYCHO 1998 which was shot for shot, every ‘remake’ has been totally different from the original in some way or another.

    • Dr. Acula

      bump! when was Toulon a nazi in the original timeline?

    • Dr. Acula

      You just made a reply to another post 2 hours ago, so I know you are there. When was Toulon a nazi in the original timeline? Well?

  • marklola12 .

    its not remake lol if it was a true remake it would just be called the puppet master

  • Saturn

    Hopefully this new one will get the Puppet Master franchise “back on track” – some of the earlier movies were pretty good, but the further along they got the more dire they became. Shame really as Full Moon used to put out some really good stuff – Trancers, Subspecies, early Puppet Master etc – but in recent years they’ve lost their quality BIGTIME.

  • Dab-Rag Jacob On Ice

    S. Craig Zahler is a pretty freakin talented writer, his ‘The Brigands of Rattleborge’ is one of the more poetically composed & utterly twisted & violent scripts I’ve ever read. Bone Tomahawk was pretty damn good too.

  • oh_riginal

    Doesn’t sound like a remake.

    Either way, I hope they bring back the classic theme! That theme gets stuck in my head every single time I hear it or think of it, and I don’t mind one bit.

    • Dr. Acula

      if THIRTEEN GHOSTS can be called a remake of 13 Ghosts, then this can be too.

    • Stelios Armenis

      Richard Band is one of my favorite composers!
      This paricular score is in fact a masterpiece.
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  • zombie84_41

    this sounds horny

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Uh ? Why do you call it a remake ? It’s just a new installment. A reboot maybe, but not a remake…

    • Dr. Acula

      it could be referring to the the puppets themselves as they aren’t going to look like they use to they are being redesigned from scratch, so it is not like just a new installment and it is the first one in the theater, so most people seeing it aint seen the originals.

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        Ok, so it’s a reboot, not a remake.

        • Dr. Acula

          I never understood the difference in those two words. John Carpenter’s The Thing has been called a remake for years, apart from the snow setting, I don’t remember a shape shifting monster in the original 50’s version. And this new movie follows the basic formula of puppets killing people, just this time it isn’t a hotel it is an auction hall.

          • Nicolas Caiveau

            Well the story of this Puppet Master has nothing to do with the original movie. It could be just another installement. But apparently it doesn’t respect the continuity of the older movies (which already didn’t make any sense TBH) and is meant to relaunch the franchise from zero. So it’s a reboot. The Thing, yeah you could call it both, since there was only one movie… But you could also say it was just another adaptation of the book.

  • Chris Genth

    I loved the original puppet master, what’s more creepy than a puppet coming to life and trying to kill u

    • zombie84_41

      It begins with a D and a T

      • Chris Genth

        Hey man what’s up? I’m always looking for u when I fire up the ps4. Hopefully sometime well get to game together. So I take it up finally got dug out of all that snow u guys had a week ago? Hopefully no more spring snow

        • zombie84_41

          Hey man. Nothing much. Been working alot. went to see this concert of my fav band last thur, they called Enter Shikari, they are awesome. Show was great. My body was in so much pain. Cus I was in the mosh pit. And I even got my book signed by them that they wrote.

          No more snow either, we had a killer winter here so happy.

          Ya I’m on PS4 but mostly late at night sat through wed. Thur and Fri I’m on early sometimes.

          • Chris Genth

            Never heard of that band but I’m out of touch with the music scene. The mosh pit, is that when a bunch of people are bumping into each other as there jamming? Forgive me like I said I’m kinda out of touch with the current scene. He’ll the last concert I went to was def Leppard back in 89. Hey have u seen the resident evil the final chapter? It’s coming to on demand in may and was curious what u though? If u give a good review I’m gonna rent it. Oh shit u were right king Kong was awsome, I’m too surprised by the violence it got a PG-13 rating. My wife and I went to see it because u said it was good

          • zombie84_41

            Ya moshing is when people jam out and go crazy bumped into each other its fun. Very sweaty though LOL. Resident evil was awesome if you like the others you’ll love this one. And I told you kong was awesome an really violent I loved it, and was glad they up the violence and all.

          • Chris Genth

            Yeah the last Kong I saw before the new one was the one made in the 70’s with Jeff Bridges. I’m just going crazy waiting for the Friday game to be released. I went online and prepaid for the physical game and savini new jason look. I’m still waiting for them to collect money, I think I read somewhere last Friday of every month until the release they collect pre orders. Have u put in a order so u can get single player free? That’s gonna be a kick ass game to play multi-player. That’s cool u got to see your band live, nothing ever comes to ELKHART, INDIANA accept washed up old rockers. I’ve always dreamed of going to see AC/DC but that’s not gonna happen, I think they’ve retired.

          • zombie84_41

            I saw the Ghost in the shell movie today it was amazing, i gotta rewatch the anime now.

          • Chris Genth

            Yeah my wife wants to see that the commercial looks cool. I got an email from gun media today, they said the people who ordered a physical copy of Friday the 13th game are gonna be waiting a while. They said they didn’t think it would take long to get certification for the game. So they said for launch day they would give people who ordered a disc a digital key. I ordered the disc in the beginning of March, and they still have the taken money off my debit card

          • zombie84_41

            Oh wow, ya I will buy it once its out, I can’t wait. I been hooked on GTA 5. Even though it pisses me off sometimes. You can prob pick up a cheap copy on the PS store they been selling them for 50$ plus a free shark card with it to help you get started with cash. 50 is norm the price for it anyways but you getting a free shark card so thats a great deal.

          • Chris Genth

            Yeah when I get some spare cash I’ll look that up. I’ve been playing doom and I love it. It’s got multi-player on it, I haven’t played with anyone yet. I can’t wait for the Friday game, it looks amazing I’ve preordered the game and also ordered the new jason look that savini created.

    • Dr. Acula
      behind scenes videos from this movie.

      dont know why big sites aren’t bringing up the fact that there is going to be lots of behind the scenes videos live from the set each day.

  • ShadowInc

    That synopsis sounds pretty weak.

  • Alanmac

    I’d rather see a Subspecies reboot. Or even better, a new sequel. Not sure if they could ever find anyone as good as Anders Hove tho.

  • bigval

    I see Charles Band has just pushed back the release of Full Moon’s next PM movie Puppet Master: Axis Termination the 11th movie in the franchise (excluding the Demonic Toys crossover movie). Axis Termination was meant to be released in March, then got pushed back to April and now pushed back to August.

    • Dr. Acula

      longer it takes, the better the effects are, the main filming of the actors is done, its second unit puppet movements (they using stop-motion and cable control this time) so I say take their time, better then them rushing it.

      It also makes sense business-wise as Littlest Reich will be causing a lot of discussion right now and it is going to scare away attention/sales on Term.

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