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Would You Buy Soap From a Guy Dressed as an ‘Alien’ Xenomorph Playing Iron Maiden on a Facehugger Guitar?!

Yes. The correct answer is yes.

There’s only one true way to sell soap and that’s with a dude dressed as an Alien Xenomorph rocking out to Iron Maiden’s “2 Minutes To Midnight” on a Facehugger Guitar.

The video was taken at the Man Made Soap booth at this year’s All-Con, proving that even soap companies known how to rock.

Horns up!

[H/T] Our friends at MetalSucks



  • I don’t think you’d have a choice at that point.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Could’ve been selling Himalayan air as far as I’m concerned. I’d still buy one.

  • Darkknight2149

    The soap probably contains Facehugger eggs. Do not buy, lol.

  • Blood Boil

    This is the future liberals want

  • zombie84_41

    ummm hell yes i buy 6 and have him at my future weddin

  • Scott Richardson

    Ha wil is going to be famous.

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