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Scream Factory’s ‘Slither’ Blu-ray Gets Art, Date and Details

We’ve been waiting a long time to add this one to our collection.

We told you earlier this year that Scream Factory was set to bring Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s horror-comedy Slither to Blu-ray for the very first time, and today brings more details along with an art reveal. Gunn himself shared the first details over on his Facebook page, revealing that the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of his ’06 film will arrive on July 25th.

Gunn wrote:

I’d like to officially announce that after MANY YEARS of waiting, and me endlessly bitching to the rights holders, FINALLY my directorial debut Slither will be available on Blu-Ray. The wonderful folks from Scream Factory will be distributing a brand new edition on July 25 of this year. It will have lots of cool extras including a NEW COMMENTARY FROM ME AND THE CAST. It’s like “When Harry Met Sally” only it’s “When Gunn Met Rooker (and Fillion and Banks and Henry).” These people all changed my life. And Slither is how they did it. Oh and check out the cool new artwork. I love it.

Slither tells “the deliciously demented story of an unnamed evil wreaking havoc on a small town. Intent on devouring all life on Earth, this dark and slimy entity is infecting anyone in its path. Now it’s up to the local sheriff, Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion), and his team to stop the spread of rampant devastation – and shocking mutilation – before it’s too late.”

The film also stars Michael Rooker, Elizabeth Banks and Gregg Henry.

You can pre-order your copy over on the Shout! Factory website.



  • Colonel Ives

    FUCK YES. the DVD had more extras than most so this one should be well taken care of. #wheresmymrpibb?

  • Steve Newton

    here’s my original review from 2006:

    • Orwellianson

      We don’t care.

  • Wil McMullen

    I love this movie… I’ll definitely upgrade from DVD to bluray when this drops.

  • KennyThaKilla

    It’s about damn time. Way overdue.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Scream Factory gives money to known child rapists!


    I’ll stick to my DVD of slither it’s perfectly fine.

  • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

    Take my money already. 🙂 This movie is the perfect balance of horror and comedy.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Awesome news but wish they’d get a different artist for their covers; they’re all so similar and generic. Helps that they give ya the reversible sleeve I guess..

    • KennyThaKilla

      I doubt that David Drayton himself could have done a better job.

  • PsychoMantis18

    You’re not speaking, you’re writing, which begs the question – how are making a note of it as you type?

    • KennyThaKilla

      verb ˈspēk
      1 a : to be friendly enough to engage in conversation
      2 a : to make a written statement
      3 a : to express feelings by other than verbal means

      • PsychoMantis18

        You fucking nitwit. Read the definitions again and maybe you’ll understand something about how they apply to the context in which they are used.

        Should be coming up in Lit before you finish high school I believe.

        • KennyThaKilla

          You’re the fucking nitwit, and a miserable person in general. All three definitions apply to the word as he used it above. It’s okay to be wrong, and you really should be used to it by now.

          • PsychoMantis18

            Still going, still wrong, and still a nitwit.

            And miserable? I’m a very happy person thank-you very much. It just gets tiring educating all you delusional kiddies.

          • KennyThaKilla

            I agree, you’re all of those things – except happy. Your comments on all of these articles proves otherwise.

          • PsychoMantis18

            Wow, thanks for that insightful conclusion. Best of luck in debate class.

          • KennyThaKilla

            You’re very welcome, you pretentious little prick.

  • NIIICE!! I’m excited to watch this one again. BEEN A VERY LOONG TIME!!

  • PsychoMantis18


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