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Mondo Unleashes The Sounds of ‘Silent Hill’ on LP!

Who doesn’t love Silent Hill and its soundtrack? Akira Yamaoka took inspiration from Twin Peaks, and used it to create the industrial-tinged soundtrack that definitely upped the terror and emotion the player felt in the game. You know who else loves the soundtrack? The folks over at Mondo.

In an announcement on their website, Mondo is releasing a 2LP version of Akira Yamaoka’s score on “Snowfall” coloured vinyl, with artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Pre-orders for the set go up this Wednesday at 12pm CST, and will set you back $30 USD. Given that the original soundtrack and the massive Silent Hill Sounds Box are long out of print (the latter going for almost $1000 on eBay), this is probably your best bet to grab the Silent Hill soundtrack without importing or breaking the bank.



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