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Check Out 45 Behind the Scenes Shots from the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Franchise!

Don’t worry, we didn’t include the remake.

Whenever anyone asks me who my favorite villain is, I always answer Freddy Krueger. When they ask for my favorite franchise, I answer A Nightmare on Elm Street. My lifelong obsession with horror can be traced back to a childhood obsession with Freddy Krueger, so I guess you could say that the franchise is pretty near and dear to my heart. I have many fond memories of renting the various Elm Street films on VHS from my local Blockbuster, and lest you doubt how into Freddy I was at a young age, I’ve got the childhood drawings and cosplay photos to prove it.

I wasn’t scared of Freddy. He was my pal. My superhero. He just happened to, ya know, be a mass murderer. Hey, I never said I was a normal child. But I’ve got a feeling you can relate.

To this day, the Elm Street films represent, to me, the pinnacle of horror movie excellence. Each of them driven by incredible performances from Robert Englund and full of fun characters and mind blowing practical effects, the Elm Street movies are the most creative in the annals of slasher cinema – that’s what drew me in as a kid and keeps me coming back as an adult.

It’s fun to watch Jason Voorhees slash up teens in the woods, there’s no doubt about that. But you can’t just top the creativity and balls-out wackiness of the Elm Street franchise.

In any event, I didn’t come here just to share my Freddy love. I also wanted to show off a massive gallery of my favorite behind the scenes photographs from the sets of the various films in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. I’ll never be able to go back in time and visit those sets, but looking at these photos (which I’ve been collecting on my desktop) never fails to make me smile.

I hope they’ll have the same effect on you.



  • Wil McMullen

    May favorite Elms are 1,3,4 and New Nightmare! These are some awesome pics!

  • Modok

    Great photos. Thanks for posting them.

  • marklola12 .

    Seen a lot of these before a couple I haven’t, god wasn’t the freddy makeup in part 6 just horrid

  • Mark Dutton

    Quite the family album! I know part 2 gets a lot of stick but it is by far my favourite Freddy makeup.

    • Saturn

      Not sure why 2 gets so much grief if I’m honest, I find it to be one of the better movies in the franchise.
      The first 3, for me,are great movies – 4 was okay but the rot started to set in with that one and the ones that followed. FvJ was pretty good though.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Love the shot with Heather and Robert from New Nightmare. She was so beautiful in that film.

  • Richard

    Those pictures are pure gold! Thank you for sharing

  • Rob Daviau

    Cheers to Bloody Disgusting for posting all these images on a SINGLE PAGE instead of 1-2 per page like on most clickbait type sites!

    • John Squires

      We try to make life as easy as possible for you guys! =)

  • Bloodspatta

    Great photos of one of horrors greatest franchises. This series is the absolute pinnacle of 80’s horror practical effects. Not one Iota of CGI anywhere !!

    • Sykes

      Except in Freddy’s Dead, New Nightmare, and FvJ. 😉

  • Chris Genth

    Cool pics, brings back a lot of good memories. Gotta love the 80’s

  • RJ MacReady

    Great pics. Especially the ones from ‘Dream Warriors’.

  • bastardjackyll

    Which movie/era is the last one from? Freddy’s Dead?

    • Sykes

      Dream Child.

  • Freddy Krueger looks a cute a lovely villain in some pictures.

    Btw, I need your help.
    When I was a child, I saw a picture of Freddy with a child, the picture is similar with this one! I can’t find, can you send it to me? 🙂

  • Looks like they had a lot of fun on the set 😀

  • oh_riginal

    Who knew being eaten by a Freddy snake could look so adorable?

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