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MTV Bringing “Fear Factor” Back from the Dead

We would’ve preferred the return of MTV’s “Fear,” but we’ll take it.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat spiders on national television for money, you’ll be happy to know that MTV is rebooting early 2000s TV series “Fear Factor” for a whole new generation. Originally hosted by Joe Rogan, “Fear Factor” aired on NBC between 2001 and 2006, and the basic idea was that contestants were tasked with overcoming their fears by doing all sorts of gross and horrifying things. I remember in one episode they had to literally eat horse rectum. In another, they had to bob for rings at the bottom of a tank filled with cow’s blood. Yeah. No thanks.

News of the reboot was broken by Variety, the site noting that actor/singer Ludacris will be the host of the reality competition series. The new “Fear Factor” is expected to bow in late May.

Check out a compilation vid of the craziest “Fear Factor” challenges, via Watch Mojo.




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