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Dario Argento Writing New Horror Movie and “Book of Black Fairytales”

Oh good, so Dracula 3D won’t be his last horror film.

As we noted last month, Dario Argento is working on a new horror movie that he’s been particularly coy about. All Argento really said at the time was that he was he developing “something new” that falls into the horror genre, and he expounded upon that in the tiniest bit in a new chat with the website Dark Universe. When they pressed for more details, Argento replied:

I’m writing a new film, along with an American writer. {It] should be shot in Canada, although it is not sure yet.

What else is Argento up to? He’s writing a book! The Italian master of horror told the site:

And, at the same time, I’m also writing a book of black fairy tales for adults.

We’re eager to hear more about both projects and we’ll let you know when we do.




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