New Progress on ‘Urban Legends: Bloody Mary’?

Jasonlives1986 dropped me a line and pointed me to an interesting conversation on a forum (man they hate us there) where a member has provided some serious evidence that Urban Legends (3): Bloody Mary is in the works- or maybe even completed. Read on and you decide for yourself. Personally, I’d love to see a movie based on the ‘Bloody Mary’ myth especially if Clive Barker is producing. I just wonder if this is old news or not, because it sounds familiar…
A poster at the Friday the 13th Forum did a little digging and found the following evidence that Urban Legends 3 is either done or being done:

CODY writes:” I was looking over the resume of the storyboard artist who worked on The Crow: Wicked Prayer and saw -

“Phoenix Films,
Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary
• Storyboard Artist
700 Storyboards created for the exciting 3rd film in the Urban Legends series. Worked closely with veteran director Mary Lambert to pre-visualize this horror film.”

A search found the site of an actor named Robert Vito – “Robert has just wrapped filming a movie in Salt Lake City, Utah, ‘Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary’”

According to, Jeff Rona is the composer.

The only Urban Legends 3 references I can find on news sites are mentions that it’s in devlopment, in articles about X-Men 2. X2 (and Bryan Singer’s Superman) writers Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty pitched and sold their idea for UL3 several months before getting the X2 gig, as Harris talks about in this interview. I assume that UL3 will still be based on their pitch.

Source: Fridaythe13thforum, Jasonlives1986