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“Bates Motel” Closes Up Shop With Series Finale Trailer

In the series finale, Norman comes home.

After four years on A&E, the Psycho prequel series “Bates Motel” is coming to an end on Monday night, April 24. The tenth episode of the fifth season, penned by Kerry Ehrin and directed by Tucker Gates, will be its very last one, as the show has decided to wrap things up and call it a day – the iconic sets were already torn down earlier this year, so this truly is the end, friends.

Admittedly, I haven’t been keeping up with “Bates Motel,” but I’ve heard from friends and big time Psycho fans that it’s done right by Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal classic. The series even devoted a couple episodes this season to re-imagining the events of Psycho, with Rihanna as Marion Crane – in a twist on the infamous shower scene, Crane ended up fleeing Bates Motel unscathed.

In any event, I just wanted to share the trailer for series finale ‘The Cord,’ which recaps recent events and showcases some footage from the show’s final hour. Check it out below.


  • ChampionOfLight

    “…I’ve heard from friends and big time Psycho fans that it’s
    done right by Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal classic. The series even
    devoted a couple episodes this season to re-imagining the events of Psycho, with Rihanna as Marion Crane – in a twist on the infamous shower scene, Crane ended up fleeing Bates Motel unscathed.”

    It’s weird to hear the suggestion that it “done right” by the original film while in the next sentence you state how it didn’t even adapt the story faithfully.

    I have watched the series since the beginning and for every good thing there have been some elements that had made it difficult to get through but I stuck with it because the way they would adapt the events of Psycho into this new story was really interesting…. and then they just didn’t. The “re-imagined” events were pointless. It was a twist for the sake of a twist. They actually take time away from the main story to suddenly follow Marion at her job and tie events that occurred into the film into the narrative… and then the shower scene happens and it keeps building up until… nothing happens and she opens the shower curtain to an empty bathroom.

    Yes, they do revisit the shower death by the end of the episode in a mostly predictable way at that point while also changing the very nature of the Norman Bates character (from Psycho – which they had been building to) in that moment.

    I’ll stick with it to the finale next week, but honestly, it seems like they just flushed away a classic story for the sake of having a twist designed to NOT tell the very story this whole series is based around. Marion Crane leaves the Bates Motel with all the cash she stole and that has played no role since that “arc”. The plot of Psycho was thrown away half way through the final season to instead focus on plot threads that feel like they only exist to serve whatever ending this series plans to have now.

    Just my feelings on it – as a fan of Psycho and enjoyed the cast and many new characters of Bates Motel and the way they were building towards the original story line I am very disappointed with the creative decision in this final season. Maybe the final episode will be a good finale to the show but it certainly will never be the show it had teased fans it was for all these years.

  • Khy

    Absolutely loved this show. Its been a great ride and I will miss watching this with my father every Monday.
    They may not have done right by other fans, but they did right by this guy right here. Thank you Bates Motel! Phenomenal show.

  • Grimphantom

    It’s better to end it well instead of dragging it over or not ending it because of networks meddling.

  • Chelsea Gallo

    I’m going to miss this show

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I’ve been with the show since the beginning (surprisingly since most contemporary TV is garbage to me), and although I’ve enjoyed most of it, it’s definitely not stayed true to the Hitchcock lore of the original. Aside from the obvious tinkering with the iconic shower scene, the whole premise of Norman’s descent into utter psychosis has all happened for no real reason. Norma Bates is not the cruel, sadistic monster she was in the original canon. Instead, she’s the typical American single mom with bipolar disorder. Not exactly enough to spiral her son into mental oblivion like the original Mother. Eh, so many instances of inconsistent adaptation over five seasons. I get that they wanted to put their own spin on things and the need to modernize it for today’s teenie-bops, which they have. But shit, would it have been too much to ask to see Rihanna (sp?) get her ass hacked up in the shower like she should’ve been?

    Sidenote; the cremation sequence of Emma’s mother and her spreading her ashes on this past Monday’s episode is one of the best things they’ve done, I thought.

  • Bates Motel has been fantastic, I’m sad that it’s ending, but glad at the same time that they’re not going to keep looking for excuses to carry it on until it gets stale.

    This season and the last one were absolutely brilliant and I’m interested to see how it comes together in the end. I think the best way to end it would be with Norman dying and Dylan/Emma surviving, and I guess it could happen since this universe isn’t a direct copy of the original series. Pretty much certain Romero will die imagining he’s in Norma’s arms or something corny like that.

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