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Tour Talos I in Latest ‘Prey’ Trailer

Bethesda continues to hype up their reboot of Prey with the latest trailer showing off the game’s setting: The space station Talos I.

In this EPK, the various personalities behind the game do the usual fluff of talking up the game amidst gameplay footage. Admittedly, while the setting is cool (sort of looks liks Bioshock in space), and the technology behind the game is impressive (with no Valve game to copy it this time), I’d still like a more visceral and violent look a la Dead Space. But who knows? Perhaps Prey has its own harshness? I guess we’ll find out May 5th.



  • Chance LeBoeuf

    All these similarities to Bioshock and Half-Life, but so very little to do with Prey. They should have just called it something else instead of still billing it as a revival of the Prey franchise.

    While the original wasn’t the most spectacular thing ever, it did do some unique things. And those unique things have been taken out in favor of more trite gaming aspects other games of its kind have already done to death at this point.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      It looks decent enough, but I think the thing that bothers me is them talking like they’re the first ones to do this stuff. It’s already been done in Dead Space and Alien Isolation, and the decor is similar to Bioshock. They would be better to talk about the obvious inspirations and I’d have no issues with that. Still, I’ll likely play it.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Bethesda has an obvious habit of chasing trends
      The vampire/werewolf thing in fallout 4 only recently

      But thats probably a safer bet for the kind of pricey development it takes to make the games they do

      Thats why most devs dont make open world FPS
      I’m not sure anybody else does

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