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[Vintage Video] Robert Englund (as Freddy) Interviewed on the Set of ‘Dream Warriors’!

Hey ladies. Freddy’s got some beauty tips for ya.

There was nothing hotter on the horror scene in the ’80s than the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and one would have to give star Robert Englund a whole lot of credit for that popularity. Englund turned the franchise’s villain into a true pop culture icon, and he spent so much time in the makeup over the years that he and Freddy Krueger have essentially become one.

In addition to starring in eight films as Freddy, Englund also did endless promotional stuff in the makeup, including a fun interview on the set of Dream Warriors that’s just been brought to our attention. We tip our hats to Patti Pauley over on iHorror for shining the spotlight on the awesome vintage video, which was uploaded by an Elm Street fan website a few years back.

In the rare, unedited video, Englund answers a series of silly questions as Freddy, and it’s sure to put a huge smile on your face. Freddy was the role Englund was born to play, to say the least.



  • Poopsmith McUnty


  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    “In Part 4, Freddy’s gonna try to get to the Bahamas.” Kristen beach scene…. well played, Mr. Krueger.

  • Bouncy X

    very cool! the hole in the wall makes me think they might have been filming the music video during this interview.

  • Michael Hill

    yawn…all these films suck ass. Stop bringing pointless crap articles on them.

    • D/J

      just because you don’t like the movies, doesn’t mean they suck ass.

      • Michael Hill

        yes it does.

        • D/J

          can’t tell if you’re trolling or an idiot.
          if you’re trolling then try again as you suck

          if you’re not rolling, then what do you consider a great horror franchise ?

        • Terry

          Best film in the series. Not the scariest… that’s the original
          Original to DW is like A to Aliens or T to T2

    • Terry

      this coming from a total dick commenting on films that suck ass.
      What man even recalls Tootsie… Oh, my… she took the wig off and it’s a he. Brilliant let’s shoot this bitch and get the right actors so people will go. We don’t want the old man to kiss Dustin though… that.. that would lose us some dollars.

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