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‘Tilt’ Teaser Will Have You Questioning Your Sanity

Joseph’s mask of sanity is about to slip.

One of the films premiering in the Midnight Section of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is director Kasra Farahani’s Tilt, set to world premiere at the event on Saturday, April 22nd. The thriller explores how quickly the most familiar person in your life can become the most terrifying. And how quickly we can become terrifying even to ourselves.

Check out the teaser below.

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In Tilt

All seems normal with Joseph and Joanne. Joanne is pregnant with their first child. Life in their little urban house is cozy and familiar. But something is off about Joseph. He doesn’t seem excited about the baby. Work on his documentary is becoming increasingly untethered. As Joseph struggles to maintain the routines of his domestic life, his mask begins to slip. Late at night, while Joanne thinks he is working, Joseph prowls the streets of Los Angeles, deliberately courting danger. Joanne is growing worried about Joseph’s odd behavior. But not as worried as she should be.

Joseph Cross, Alexia Rasmussen, Kelvin Yu, Jessy Hodges, and CS Lee star.

Jason O’Leary wrote the film with Farahani.




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