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[Video] 10 Lesser Known ‘Day of the Dead’ Zombies!

They may not be Bub, but we love them all the same.

I found myself revisiting George Romero’s Day of the Dead earlier today, and I must admit that I wasn’t so much paying attention to the movie as I was the zombies featured throughout. Like most horror fans, I’ve seen the film countless times over the years; and when you’re that familiar with a movie, it’s sometimes fun to go back and look for things you never noticed before.

What did I notice this time? A whole bunch of amusing zombies!

Romero’s third zombie movie featured some of Tom Savini’s all time best makeup effects, and Savini and the team really went all out to make the zombies look way cooler than they did in Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Of course, featured zombies like Bub and Dr. Tongue are the most famous in Day of the Dead, but it’s not them that we’re here to talk about tonight.

Did you know that there’s a CLOWN ZOMBIE in Day of the Dead?! Prior to tonight, I didn’t either. And I made a fun little video to highlight my favorite of the film’s lesser-known zombies.

Check it out below!



  • Otterlee

    Good catch on the Jordy zombie! Awesome nod!

  • Wil McMullen
    • sblast13

      Dr Tongue isn’t a lesser known Day of the Dead zombie. Infact, after Bub he is probably the most well known Day zombie.

      • John Squires

        Yeah I was going for the obscure background ones. Mentioned both Bub and Dr. Tongue in the article.

        • Jason Ficek

          Great job! I wish they would do a true remake! Like Dawn of the dead. Not a cheese pile of crap that’s been flooding the market as of late. I need as a fan slow dumb flesh eating zombies. Not like George gave us in his Night of and dawn of and day of originally gave us! Why fix what’s not broken? I was disappointed with all the remakes that the master him self has made. And since spun into some cheesy cartoon versions of his masterpieces. In 14 years since Dawn remake and the walking dead there’s nothing worth watching…. twice! Some day I guess I can still dream about it!

      • Eastman420

        Thats what he said

    • The chicken man

      Reading the articles helps.

    • Jason Ficek

      Right! Dead Dr!

    • Jason Ficek

      Dead Dr!

  • Never noticed the Jordy zombie before, that’s brilliant!

  • FARandawayGo

    The Gator Wrangler Zombies look more like Convict Zombies to me. The zombies coming out of the door after the gator have what look like prison identification numbers above their shirt pocket, and both zombies ankles are chained together.

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