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First Look at ‘Alien: Covenant’ Funko POP! and NECA Toys



And the Alien Day fun just keeps on coming.

We’re now less than one month away from Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, one of the most highly anticipated horror movies to come along in recent years. Like all of the previous films, Scott’s latest prequel to the 1979 classic is set to spawn all sorts of toys and collectibles, and today provides us with our very first look at a handful of them from both Funko and NECA.

First up, Funko will be giving the POP! vinyl treatment to the various characters from Alien: Covenant, including David, Daniels, a Xenomorph, a battle-damaged Xenomorph, and Oram with a Face Hugger attached to his, well, face – the battle-damaged Xeno is a Game Stop exclusive, while Oram will be found only in Hot Topic stores. The line is headed to shelves in June.

As they recently teased, NECA will also be making a line of Alien: Covenant action figures, and they’ve shown off one of them in celebration of Alien Day. The figure is of the film’s classic Xenomorph, and from what we understand, a Neomorph figure is also coming soon. That and other figures will be shown off at a later date, so as not to spoil anything before release.

Check out all of the aforementioned toys below!