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‘Dead Space’ Sequels Now On Xbox One

My love for Dead Space 2 is almost overshadowed by the disappointment that Dead Space 3 turned out to be. That might be a little over the top, I have to admit. Still, I think almost everyone who enjoyed the previous Dead Space games felt a little let down by what the third game had to offer. Nonetheless, today on Twitter, XBox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb announced that both Dead Space sequels as the newest backwards compatible titles for the XBox One.

The sequels join the original game (which was already available on the service), as well as the spinoff game, Dead Space Ignition. Of course, the real question is when EA and Visceral Games will return to the series, especially since they have claimed in the past that the window is still very much open for new entries. But until then, get to it on the XBox One. Or if you still have one, dust off your PS3 and stomp some Necromorphs.



  • Daniel Anderson

    All dead space titles were awesome. Still waiting on dead space 4. Even if the universe turns out to be a necromorph.

  • RJ MacReady

    I thought Dead Space 3 was amazing! It’s my second favorite after the first game(which is one of the greatest horror games of all time). I enjoyed DS3 much more than DS2. I don’t get the hate for it at all.

    • It was such a departure from the previous games. Too much focus on action, in my opinion. That, and the co-op seemed kind of bleh.

      • RJ MacReady

        I didn’t care for the co-op either. I thought it started off a bit slow/boring(which I think is where a lot of people stopped playing) but really picked up later in the game and had some genuinely creepy areas.

    • Xander Grishchenko

      Completely agree

  • Rohan

    Dead Space 2 was fantastic, and I agree DS3 was a let down. The characters became boring and just kind of, I don’t know, to the point? There wasn’t any emotion, and the antagonist was lame. Also the ending fucking infuriated me.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    The times I played Dead Space I appreciated the atmosphere, it was the first time I’d seen a game really play with sound and take everything seriously. You could tell the creators had a love for Alien and the Thing.

    But I found myself being a lot more tense than scared. And to be fair, I’m desensitized as fuck, so it’s difficult for me. I seek it out, and when something genuinely scares me I respect it. Dead Space after the first half hour just had me going “Dude get the fuck away from me” rather than fear. Alien Isolation and Outlast are even worse because there’s no damn attack button.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    They probably don’t know where to go with another game. We’ve had the adrift spaceship, the overrun space station and the planet surface. I’d be quite happy with another spaceship but how they could work that into the story without it feeling repetitive is anyone’s guess.

  • Meatwad

    Huge Deadspace fan here. Man this is a tough one! Part of me longs to find out what happened to Issac and Carver at the end of DS3.

    Maybe a comic or a animated short film could wrap that up. It’s hard to keep having Issac ending up in this situation where he needs the suit and plasma cutter to cut his way through the necromorphs alone for (insert video game reason here).

    I loved the idea of the first game! Maybe a reboot would be a good idea? They could extend it in a trilogy. Hmmm,…. just a thought. I can dream can’t I?

    A hard R-rated Deadspace movie would be my dying wish!

  • Xander Grishchenko

    EA, just give us Dead Space 4!

  • RiseCowthulhu

    Dead Space 1 and 2 each had moments that wrecked the game(s) for me. The freakin’ STUPID asteroid sequence in #1….which didn’t fit the rest of the experience….and the goddamn solar array nonsense with the subsequent QTE “oh don’t hit that bit of terrain” sequence in #2. There are some people hating on Outlast 2 right now as a trial and error slog because they can’t wrap their heads around how to use the stealth mechanics ….which gave me no problem. That, and I’m firmly convinced 8/10 PC gamers are just whining jerks. But all the people who want to wax on about games like Dead Space forget all about those idiotic arcade shooter moments or pointlessly cheesy environmental under fire puzzles that had people going on line asking “WTF?” after dying again and again. Sure, the pat answer is “get gud.” And I beat both moments. But by then I was more pissed than enjoying myself. It’s funny how one game will get a pass for blatant “trial and error” while others …where the issue isn’t as pronounced…. get criticized over the same thing.

  • Alban Ambulario

    give us dead space 4 pls. #makeuswholeagain

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