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NECA Shows Off Upcoming Charlize Theron ‘Prometheus’ Toy

The lost wave is finally coming soon.

As we told you back in December, there was a series of Prometheus toys that NECA showed off way back in 2013 but never actually released. The fourth series of their Prometheus line was to include Elizabeth Shaw, an infected Fifield, and Meredith Vickers, but it was shelved before it ever had the chance to, well, hit shelves. Next month, that lost series will be given a new life.

Part of their weekly #FaceHuggerFriday, NECA just showed off the finished Vickers figure in packaging. She’ll include a space helmet and the badass flamethrower she used in the film.

Check out the full lineup below.

At long last, this series includes the never-released figures fans have been requesting: Vickers, Shaw and Fifield. The 7” scale figures are entirely movie accurate and feature over 25 points of articulation. Vickers (Charlize Theron) comes with flamethrower and removable helmet. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) comes with axe, removable helmet and the android David’s severed head. Fifield (Sean Harris) comes with flashlight and removable helmet.

The first series of Prometheus toys, for those keeping score, included a Pressure Suit Engineer and Chair Suit Engineer; the second added David and Deacon to the mix; and the third and final series saw the Pressure Suit and Chair Suit Engineers reimagined with super cool holographic repaints. There was also a Toys R Us exclusive two-pack with the Engineer and a Trilobite.








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