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Check Out a Creepy Mask You’ll See in “American Horror Story” This Year

Well, the political inspiration here sure isn’t subtle!

The upcoming seventh season of “American Horror Story” is filming soon for premiere in the fall, and all we really know is that it will be set in the wake of last year’s presidential election; the entire season will draw some level of inspiration from the craziest election in American history, and from what we understand, the events of the season will begin on election night.

Over on Instagram today, “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy showed off a piece of concept art for what appears to be a mask that’ll be featured in the new season. The mask depicts a creepy looking elephant monster, which is of course a play on the Republican Party’s symbol: an elephant. And you don’t need me to tell you which party Donald Trump belongs to.

Check out the early tease below.

The cast includes Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Billy Eichner and Billie Lourd.

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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  • Poopsmith McUnty

    The art and trailers of AHS are far more creative and scarier than the actual episodes which are too up obnoxious and … Ryan Murphy-ish.

    • Austin Young

      Ryan Murphy-ish = heavily geared towards the gay community. I’m gay and it’s pretty blatant. Especially in Hotel where pretty much every character was bisexual (in a perfect world… Matt Bomer you are gorgeous). That didn’t bother me, but Freak Show had Glee-like musical numbers. Coven was very Mean Girls-esque. With a horror show, this hurts more than it helps. On the other hand you have Feud: Bette & Joan and the first season of Scream Queens, which are excellent.

      • THE God

        Um… ok? Wtf

      • Poopsmith McUnty

        that explains it. The LOOK of the show bothers me the most. It’s too fake and obnoxious for me to ever forget that I’m watching actors fake all the tension. All the bi stuff felt like they were just trying to be shocking to compete with GoT or something, it didn’t help the story, it was just there. Tried watching Scream Queens because I’m a fan of Halloween but was let down in the same way. Couldn’t get past the first episode. Going to google what Matt Bomer is.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    nice, but i hope they make fun of pedophile clinton too, and genocide obama, and genocide bush, trump jokes are getting old and as someone who lives not in the USA it is very hipocritical to bash a president for being just liek previous presidents

    • Jack Derwent

      Trump is a walking caricature at this point. He makes Bush look decent in comparison.

    • Southernholiday

      You are missing the constant temper tantrums of the Left. Ryan Murphy would have plenty of material if we based this season on that.

    • Nathan Forester

      The elephant mask will obviously belong to either a serial killer who is republican or it will be the killer’s actual face and be sort of a John Merrick/Elephant Man ordeal.

  • Nathan Forester

    I’m guessing the mask will be worn by a killer who is either a Republican or it will probably a John Merrick/Elephant type ordeal. I would have gone with Ghost Town as the theme of the next season.

  • Lisa Smith

    I guess this is the first season I won’t watch, then.

  • salaciousb
  • Pf Mahan

    this series has become boring, after the 3rd season they seem to make it up as they go along, cuss words and gore are no replacement for a good plot

  • Marcin Robakowski

    1st season – brilliant, rest of them well watchable but nothing to compare to part 1, best part from AHS Hotel is still the soundtrack 😀

    • Manguni Paandi

      In total agreement with you. I absolutely loved the 1st season with its bizarre side stories/characters/vibe. I also liked the 2nd season Asylum to an extent but IMHO, the series only got progressively worse from them on. Last 3 seasons being mighty awful (in particular the last one being found footage + reality show hybrid crap). Not expecting anything new or interesting from Ryan, anymore,

  • Poopsmith McUnty


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