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Check Out a Creepy Mask You’ll See in “American Horror Story” This Year

Well, the political inspiration here sure isn’t subtle!

The upcoming seventh season of “American Horror Story” is filming soon for premiere in the fall, and all we really know is that it will be set in the wake of last year’s presidential election; the entire season will draw some level of inspiration from the craziest election in American history, and from what we understand, the events of the season will begin on election night.

Over on Instagram today, “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy showed off a piece of concept art for what appears to be a mask that’ll be featured in the new season. The mask depicts a creepy looking elephant monster, which is of course a play on the Republican Party’s symbol: an elephant. And you don’t need me to tell you which party Donald Trump belongs to.

Check out the early tease below.

The cast includes Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Billy Eichner and Billie Lourd.

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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