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Horror Classic ‘Nosferatu’ Gets a Stunning New Sound Design

You have NEVER seen Nosferatu like this before.

One of the very first horror films, director F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu is nothing short of a true cinema classic. An unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the German Expressionist film has been remade and remixed countless times over the years, with various different musicians adding their own scores to the silent flick; but this latest reimagining is quite unlike any before it.

The folks over at AlmapBBDO, using clips plucked exclusively from the Getty Images audio bank archives, have just given a brand new sound design to the silent horror classic. In Nosferatu – The Non Silent Film, the iconic vampire gets his own voice and language, along with sound effects and a completely new soundtrack that bring a whole new emotion to the scenes.

What people will watch is the original public domain movie from 1922, but in an entirely new experience. During the one-and-a-half-hour remake of the feature, the characters emerge on the scene with a voice from a fictional language, reversing speech files, composing a bleak language for Nosferatu and his victims. Produced by Punch Audio over 3 months, the project in a process of intense research and total dedication, with the collaboration of the teams of AlmapBBDO and Getty Images.

Nosferatu – The Non Silent Film can (and absolutely should) be watched for free over at, where you can interact with the sound timeline of the production and have access to each file that was used in the film. The website also features a making of the project with interviews full of curiosities, fun facts and interesting details about the production process.

This is simply AWESOME. Check out the trailer below!



  • Damn. Nosferatu is such a classic this almost seems blasphemous. That said, this is an ingenious concept.

  • pablitonizer

    This films is still creepy as fuck!!!

    • zombie84_41

      Some say he was a real vampire too. Believe or not its still fucking dope.

  • 1979 Remake: Nosferatu, the Vampire, directed by Werner Herzog–

    And coming out later this year: Nosferatu, directed by David Lee Fisher–

  • Matt Graupman

    Robert Eggers, the director of “The VVitch,” is remaking it now:

  • Alex Harbie

    Actually Willem Dafoe did a pretty good rendition of it in a movie called Shadow of the Vampire that came out in 2000. It also has John Malkovich if that matters any. There’s also a 1979 remake with an actor named Klaus Kinski, don’t how good it though, but you may want to give those two a go.

  • Alex Harbie

    Anytime, one reason I joined.

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