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Whatever Just Washed Up in Indonesia is Maybe Not of this World

And people wonder why I stay out of the water.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and you’ll probably want to after you lay eyes on this thing), a massive blob-like monster just washed ashore off the coast of the island of Seram in Indonesia. Video footage of the unidentified creature/monster/thing has mostly come courtesy of a local by the name of Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu, whose uploads to YouTube today have positively gone viral. And it’s not hard to see why. Because nobody is quite sure what the hell he even captured footage of.

Here’s what we know. This thing is MASSIVE. Measuring 50-feet, it’s the size of a large passenger bus, and it’s decaying under the hot sun and spilling guts and copious amounts of blood into the water. Some have speculated that it’s either a giant squid or a super-sized humpback whale, but if it’s either of those things then I’d like to know why the hell it looks like it exploded from within. This looks more like viral marketing for Pacific Rim 2 or maybe the next Cloverfield film than it does anything I’ve ever seen here in the real world, so it’s hard to believe it’s merely a whale.

Whenever bizarre-looking things like this are found, they’re always written off with simple explanations. But ya know, I’m just not convinced.

Watch the creepiest ever found footage below.



  • DirtyLary

    Rotting elephant?

  • Livrule

    My money is on it being a dead giant squid or some kind of rotting whale carcass.

    • Joe

      Could it be both? Like a squid tried to eat a whale and it exploded, like the time the snake ate a crocodile.

      • Livrule

        Oh yeah, I like that!

    • turk

      Squids are invertebrates and do not have bones, which this animal clearly has. It is a rotting whale carcass.

  • Kevin Harrison

    sperm whale

  • Daniel Anderson

    Your mom washed ashore after some bad enchiladas.

  • the usual suspect

    Definitely a whale either Sperm or Humpback

  • Bart Crowe

    So rotting whale corpses are aliens?

  • MaryWesker

    Could be some kind of whale or basking shark. They can bloat and sometimes “explode” from the build up of gasses from decomposition in the heat/water. It looks like it’s been dead some time or in ideal conditions to rot (heat, warm water, exposed to the sun) Blubber often gives a “melting” appearance when it rots too. It’d be nice if someone tested the flesh and found out what it was.

    • Christopher Nickerson

      Definitely a whale or other filter feeder, you can clearly see its baleen in the 3rd video

  • Jack Thompson

    I’m sure the answer will end up being horribly mundane.

    Such is life.

  • Doby Odegard

    looks burnt in the third video

  • Seal Clubber

    My guess is humpback …. at least a filter-feeder whale.

  • Lisa Smith

    Bet it smells as good as it looks

  • jurgmandr

    definitely a whale. I’d guess humpback or maybe a small blue whale based off the 2nd and 3rd videos.

  • nicholasmwalker

    sometimes there are slow news days in the horror community

  • moebius2249

    Get in the water with a rotting corpse. Smart.

    • Pretty much any time you go into a natural body of water, you’re swimming in a giant toilet bowl filled with rotting corpses.

  • Creepshow

    It’s a Trojan Horse. And a bunch of men are hiding in it, waiting to attack.

  • Alex Harbie

    I wouldn’t be as concerned as to what that is, but how contaminated that river or lake is right now. Although judging by the looks of that thing, it could be a good premise for a movie similar to the Crazies.

    • Fabio Deluca

      That kind of “contamination” won’t last long. Bacteria will degradate it all in a matter of weeks. Nothing to be worried about.

  • Weresmurf

    All this article needed was a tagline of “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT IT IS” or “THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!”

  • markajacoby
  • chris hayes

    Just a Whale….

  • Dustin Nelson

    When whales decay, chunks of blubber break off and look like mystery globs. While deformed, you can still recognize whale features

  • turk

    Can’t be a squid. It obviously has bones. It’s a whale carcass.

  • Rustbukkit J.

    You’re “not convinced” because you are both a) stupid, and b) not a marine biologist.

  • James B.

    Proof it’s not a promotional video for Cloverfield 3 or GTFO!

  • Clearly a deep sea, Cave Dwelling Fizz-wozza… what’s the big deal?

  • Cameron

    Yeah that could not more obviously be a dead whale.

  • OhSoGood

    It’s… a… whale… carcass.


    Definitely a whale carcass. No question, the last Video gives it away.

  • Bryant Low

    Interesting coincidence – the word ‘Seram’ in the Malay or Indonesian language means ‘Horror’ or ‘Creepy’. ‘

  • The Fucked Up

    Depends on how big the giant squid is 😉

  • Charles Cumella

    Whale, no doubt about it.

  • guest

    A bitch of the Devil! A whore of darkness!
    A willing recruit, a wanton follower!
    A devoted disciple! The devil’s concubine!
    Or- could be just a whale.

    • James Castady-Kristament

      Yes Bramstokers Dracula!

  • David Russell

    It’s a penis whale from the south pole. They often stray out of the normal rotational circles and this is what happens. Very sad.

  • Mike S. Miller

    Blue whale carcass.

  • zombie84_41

    after watching it idk wtf it is idk if thats a whale though i never see a whale with a face like that or beak lol shit was scary expect a movie soon.

  • Freida Peeple

    it’s an elephant that drowned. Not to be a buzzkill ;cuz I’m big into cryptoes but this one is kind of obvious. sorry

    • ElGigante

      A 50 foot long elephant…

    • J Jett

      apparently it’s a Baleen Whale. check my post above (i posted a link to the article saying it’s a whale).

  • J Jett

    according to this article in Huffington Post, scientists are saying it’s a Baleen Whale and that it’s carcass is distorted looking due to gases. here’s the link….

  • MIstwalker

    This is clearly a baleen whale. Here’s the skeleton of a similar whale. The long curving jaw can be seen in both.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    If its real and not just a stunt on youtube an undiscovered species should be worth money right

    They should be scooping it up and selling it if were real

    It could be the cure to cancer and we wouldn’t know until somebody analyses it under scientific conditions

  • azoreseuropa

    It is clear a whale..

  • Matthew Paul

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