Toronto's Scream Drag Queen 'Donnarama' Builds The Best Horror Props! - Bloody Disgusting
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Toronto’s Scream Drag Queen ‘Donnarama’ Builds The Best Horror Props!



Image Source: Rose Mamarama Sabatino

Life’s a drag and so is Donnarama.  The Italian supermodel born and raised in Toronto has been performing since the tender age of 17.  Her style is comedy infused with visual imagery which has provided some eye-popping looks with a penchant for horror homages.  A 216-page book is available now documenting the costumes.

Take a look at the gallery bellow to see some of our favorite numbers brought to El Covento Rico and across the Canadian city.

About the Book:

“A 20-year retrospective highlighting the career of world-renowned Drag Queen DONNARAMA. Female-Impersonator extraordinaire. This 216-page photo biography is a journey into the many talents of performance artist Donnarama. Donnarama (Vincent Pincente) has single-handedly broken the mold for stereotype glam with such comedic flair that it has since changed the face of Canadian drag. This fantastical Anniversary Edition represents hundreds of exquisite costumes and highly imaginative props all executed by Donnarama the “Queen of Props”. This memorable book contains extraordinary and beautiful images by some of Toronto’s leading photographers such as Jamo Best, Kyle Nunez, Devon Poole and Mickey Sin. This exceptionally produced book by Mamarama will make a great gift or serve as an inspirational tool for any new up and coming Drag Queen performer. This book also marks historically the first full-color biography on a Drag Queen in Canada.”


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