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Charles Dance Will Battle the Beast in ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’

Charles Dance has been in A LOT of movies. And whether we’re talking the much-maligned Alien 3 or the more recent Dracula Untold, there’s no denying that Dance being in a movie automatically makes that movie better. Which is why we’re excited to report that the legendary actor has just joined the cast of Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Deadline reports that both Dance and Sally Hawkins are the latest additions. Hawkins will reprise the role of Dr. Vivienne Graham from 2014’s Godzilla.

Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”), Ken Watanabe (Godzilla), Aisha Hinds (“Underground”), Kyle Chandler (Super 8), Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring) and O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Straight Outta Compton) also star.

Dougherty wrote the script with Zach Shields.

Godzilla: King of Monsters hits theaters on March 22, 2019, with the monster mash-up Godzilla vs. Kong slated to bow the following year on May 22, 2020.




  • Grimphantom

    Less human scenes and more giant monster scenes!!!

    • Hockey Machete

      You’re in luck; according to the writers, that’s the plan!

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like Millie Bobby Brown?
    She spends the entire season of Stranger Things without any expression, being very boring and allways with a bad performance. Logan’s little actress, Jacob Tremblay and even the children of Big Little Lies are better actors than Millie.

    Shaving her hair can be an act of courage and I agree with that, but it doesn’t make anyone a better actress or actor.

    (Now give me hate)

    • Vesuvian Villain


      Pedro, how dare you dislike Millie Bobby Brown? Her range is phenomenal. She can be expressionless looking over here. Also, she can be expressionless looking over there. And all while having the added distraction of feeling cool air on her buzzed scalp. That is dedication. She is a god damned hero for that hair, on par with veteran soldiers, and whatever the hell Bruce Jenner is.

      Also for having the stupid ass name she does, an obvious attempt at child abuse by unloving parents because Bobby Brown was clearly in the crack phase of his career at the time of her birth. I say again how DARE you.

    • J Jett

      Pedro, i can’t agree w/ you there. i’m a big fan of Millie’s but i respect your opinion. 🙂
      Millie was incredible in the short lived creepy show INTRUDERS where the character she was playing was both a young girl and a 70(?) year old serial killer. she was really impressive in that role. i also find (in STRANGER THINGS) that her seemingly blank stare in scenes is able to convey so much (anger, or sadness, etc.).

      but i also agree w/ you that Dafne Keen (X-23 from LOGAN) is fantastic! she was my favorite thing about LOGAN (a great movie!). 🙂

      • I understand you. Maybe she can be an amazing actress, but her role in Stranger Things don’t let to show her full potential as actress. She needs to shine.
        I can compare Millie with Kristen Stewart, her role in Twilight was horrible, however she’s showing some potential in some indie movies. 🙂

        Btw, sorry my bad english grammar!

  • Me too, he’s great!

  • Fracassi

    Didn’t he turn into a dragon in an 80’s movie?

  • J Jett

    wonderful casting with both Dance & Sally Hawkins! i very much liked Sally’s Dr. Vivienne Graham character in GODZILLA.

  • Simon Allen

    I cannot express how happy I am that Sally Hawkins is coming back …I LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman sooo much 🙂 .

  • Alanmac

    Can’t get here fast enough!!!

  • Werewolf

    “My dear, sweet brother Numsie!”

    Awesome actor. First film I remember him from was “The Golden Child”

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