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Funko Reveals ‘Alien: Covenant’ Neomorph POP! Toy

Now out in theaters, Alien: Covenant is without question the most downright terrifying (as well as best) installment in the franchise since James Cameron’s 1986 sequel. The film’s classic Xenomorph and brand new Neomorphs are brought to the screen with nightmarish intensity, establishing the latter as a series villain worthy of sharing the screen with H.R. Giger’s iconic creation.

It’s oddly adorable as a baby, but holy shit is it nasty when it grows up.

As we showed you earlier today, NECA is soon releasing a handful of different Alien: Covenant toys, many depicting the Neomorph, and now we’re happy to show off Funko’s POP! vinyl toy(s) of the brand new franchise monster. Due out in July, their adult Neomorph POP! toy comes packaged with the creature’s toddler-sized iteration!

Shown off on “Alien Day” last month, Funko also gave the POP! vinyl treatment to various other characters from Alien: Covenant, including David, Daniels, a Xenomorph, a battle-damaged Xenomorph, and Oram with a Face Hugger – the battle-damaged Xeno is a Game Stop exclusive, while Oram will be found only in Hot Topic stores.

The whole line is headed to shelves this summer.



  • Creepshow

    Suitable for ages 3+. Weeeeeee!

    • Jack Derwent

      It’s funny because a lot of their other ‘adult’ lines like Game of Thrones have 17+ on it even if it looks like a generic medieval guy.

  • Michael Hill

    who gives a fiuck ..enough of these crap Alien articles, it’s all you cunts write about. Fuck you. asshole.

    • Vader the White

      Yes, how dare they write articles related to a famous horror series on a horror website in the weeks leading up and during the release of a new entry in said series. Dumbass.

      • J Jett

        you’ll have to excuse Miss Michelle Hill. she’s a very bitter, pathetic troll. LOL.

        • Michael Hill

          who asked your opinion asshole? go tongue out your mother’s hairy love hole. Twice.

    • zombie84_41


    • REC03

      hey Neil Blomkamp, how are you doing?

  • Darkknight2149

    Now THAT is cool.

  • zombie84_41

    I want. And i want that exclusive bloody alien too.

  • D’aww! It’s adorable!

  • Colin Christian

    Huh? The ‘Best’? I’ve been a fan for over 40 years,I’ve met Giger,I’ve done art shows with him,Alien changed my life,those people that go on about Star Wars? Alien did that for me. This was not the best,it was perhaps the worst film in the 6 Alien films. Ridley Scott has made it very clear that CGI is NOT the way to go when practical can be achieved,he has a dislike for it,which should tell you everything about what he thinks about these creatures. He was happy with Prometheus,you could see it in every frame,and was excited to move forward from bugs in coridoors,I agree,Prometheus was the best sequel/ prequel to Alien,it presented ideas in a beautiful way. His intent as an artist is clear- ” you want fucking bugs? Here they are,knock yourself out!” And he created them in the least realistic way possible,for the Transformers and Bud crowd,who have no interest in ART.

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