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[Video] Let’s Take a Look at “Friday the 13th: The Series”

“Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques, but he broke the pact, and it cost him his soul. His niece Micki, and her cousin Ryan inherited the store and with it, the curse. Now they must get everything back and the real terror begins.”

That’s the monologue that played before every episode of “Friday the 13th: The Series”, an underrated show that borrows virtually nothing from the iconic film franchise other than its name. I picked up the seventeen disc DVD box set that contains all three seasons of the show on a whim, and I was really surprised at how much I fell in love with this show.

As soon as I finished watching, I started to dig into its history a bit more and a lot of what I found on it was pretty interesting. For one thing, even though longtime franchise producer Frank Mancuso Jr. was the one who decided to rename this show at the last second, he didn’t want Jason Voorhees involved what-so-ever because he didn’t want the inclusion to take away from what they built.

If you want to know more about the show’s awesome history, check out the video I made right here. You’ll definitely learn something new.



  • Madstand

    Would it kill you to learn the correct pronunciation of an important character’s name before making a video like that? Vendredi is pronounced Von-dra-dee, not Van-dread-e as you keep saying. Did you even watch the series intro? It has a voice-over that clearly says his name. I see this kind of lazy crap everywhere in “reporting” today. If you’re going to take the time to make the videos take the time to do them right. Is this detail important? No. Does it make you look sloppy and amateur? Yes.

  • Fred Hopkins

    As a kid I saw the title of the show and thought it was about Jason. I started watching it and was pleasantly surprised.

  • Robert Patterson

    As a teen when it aired, I was disappointed that there was no Jason, but eventually became a guilty pleasure of mine. I visited the “Curious Goods” location a couple of years ago for those interested in seeing what it looks like in real life:

    • I would cry. I would unabashedly bawl like a baby.

  • Tuned in for the Voorhees, stayed for the Goods. This is my absolute favorite series ever. I feel so fortunate to be there at day one of its premier. My favorite character was the store itself. This was my second family, my second home.

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