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Midnight Society Returns for “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Fan Film This Halloween

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society.

We’re hoping that “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” will eventually return proper, perhaps in the form of a movie, but in the meantime we’ve just learned of a fun fan project that we wanted to put on your radar.

Directed by Nathaniel Ingram and Zac Lockard, Are You Afraid of the Dark? A Tribute Film is in the works ahead of an October release, and Ingram promises that it will pay proper tribute to the ’90s series that so many horror fans feel nostalgic for.

We feel this tribute is long overdue,” says Ingram. “We all grew up on the show and it plays a major role as to why I am a writer today. I did decide to go a darker route with this tribute film, but it will be entertaining for the whole family…and you might even notice some odes to the original series.”

“Are You Afraid of the Dark?” premiered on Halloween 1990 and originally ran for 5 seasons. The series was revived in 1999 for another 2 seasons. It revolved around a group of teenagers who referred to themselves as “The Midnight Society.” Every week, at a secret location in the woods, one member would tell a scary story to the group.

In the tribute film…

The Midnight Society returns for a new tale of terror. It follows a young boy, Christopher, as he stays for a weekend at his grandpa Jasper’s house. What he doesn’t know is his grandfather has more than one guest for the weekend.

Look for it on October 27th.



  • Geno1987

    This show kicked Goosebumps ass back in the day.

    • Daniel Anderson

      Indeed it did. Although it wasn’t my first horror anything, it always has a soft spot in my heart. That intro tho.

    • Hank_Scorpio

      It did, but I can’t hate on Goosebumps….

      • Grimphantom

        True, Goosebumps had some good episodes and honestly we should be grateful that we gotten these cool shows when we were young.

      • AdamX

        I liked both equally to be honest.

        Zebo, The Haunted Mask etc. Both series paved the way for things like the Haunting Hour until it got iced recently.

    • Hugh Manatey

      I liked the SPFX in Goosebumps more than those in AYAotD.

  • Vader the White

    I can’t wait!

  • Necro

    Cool I loved this show!

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