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Julie James Added to Awesome “Final Girls vs Villains” Art Series

What are you waiting for?!?!

Most horror fans may not look back on the ’90s as being one of the genre’s best decades (it’s certainly not), but as someone who spent much of his youth in that decade, I have an extreme amount of love in my heart for the whole of ’90s cinema. There’s a certain feel that ’90s movies have; for me, watching them is like traveling back in time to my own youth. So as you might imagine, I have a serious soft spot for ’90s horror.

And one of my favorites is I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Released in the direct wake of Wes Craven’s Scream, a game-changer if there ever was one, I Know What You Did Last Summer is in many ways the quintessential ’90s slasher flick. The cast was of course led by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played final girl Julie James. Julie battled (and survived) killer fisherman Ben Willis in the film, and heroin and villain are mashed together in the latest addition to artist Matthew Therrien’s “Final Girls & Cinema Survivors” art series.

It’s the 15th piece in the series, which pays homage to some of the most iconic heroes in the horror and film genre, and you can check it out below.

Also feel free to browse the entire series and grab prints in Therrien’s shop!



  • Tony Harley

    Helen should’ve been the final girl

    • scream4ever

      She at least should’ve lived, and replaced Brandy in the sequel.

      • Tony Harley

        I liked Brandy in the sequel and she put up a great fight. In fact she and SMG would’ve been a great pair.

      • Matt Callahan

        Agreed. But circa early 1998 (when they filmed ‘I Still Know’), SMG was too busy with Buffy and Cruel Intentions filming to even think about another project. Schedule-wise, it would have never worked. But it would have been cinematic GOLD. Especially the green-house chase scene. haha – it would be like Helen having 9 lives at that point….

        • Julyan Stephens

          Totally agree, Helen was awesome and would have made a better final girl than Julie. Though I remember reading years ago that SMG loved being killed off in the horror movies she did because it was the polar opposite to Buffy. I have seen her in IKWYDLS and Scream2 SO MANY TIMES and I still am like ‘don’t run Sarah, kick his ass!’ every. damn. time.

    • Vesuvian Villain

      Helen made herself slasher fodder by helping dump the body, and the guy woke up and grabbed her crown which was classic foreshadowing. Julie didn’t take part in getting rid of the evidence as I remember. Are you just saying they should have switched roles so Sarah Michelle Gellar had been lead or you just wish Helen had survived?

      • Tony Harley

        Helen should’ve survived. She put up an amazing fight and chase. Her character was the more entertaining of the two and yeah I love SMG. I don’t really care about the “rules” I wish horror movies would start letting unconventional characters survive.

        • Matt Callahan

          Helen also has a great (though not as epic) chase scene in the book. And she’s the one that puts it all together in the book – not Julie. What’s great about the book is that it transcends the blonde who relied on nothing but her looks her entire life to a higher order archetype. The 1997 feature film was a big missed opportunity to develop that character further. Between Elsa, Max, David Egan, etc – the kill count was enough. They could have let Helen, Julie, and Ray live. What would have been good is if they had done what they did in the book at the end, where Helen the cops swoop in on the dual identify villain as he’s about to kill Julie and Ray. The way that Helen uncovers the truth is 1,000X more creepy in the book than Julie’s Googling of Ben Willis. It needs to be re-created and used as a segment for whoever is going to take the Helen character’s place in the remake.

    • Gabriel

      I actually would have preferred it if Julie and Helen were both final girls and Ray died instead. Imagine Julie, Helen, and Karla as friends in the sequel? Damn.

      Can’t remember where I heard this from (I want to say the director mentioned it on the commentary, but don’t quote me), but wasn’t Helen originally supposed to live along with Julie and Ray, but the director felt that they needed one more death?

      • Adam Clifton

        In the novel the movie was based on, none of the teenagers died

  • scream4ever

    I totally agree about 90’s movies. They just seemed to not take themselves too seriously. I blame 9/11 for changing that.

  • Dylan Summers

    I always felt like the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise never got the love it deserved.

    I mean of course it was cheesy and totally 90’s and a Scream follower but you can say exactly the same about Friday the 13th/A Nightmare on Elm Street vs the 80’s/Halloween yet those franchises seem to get much more respect. Obviously Scream still lives on (just barely) but I feel like out of all the other 90’s slashers ‘I Know…’ deserved to keep going too.

    It’s a shame they released the abysmal third movie which truly buried the franchise.

    • Buk Lau

      I think had they stuck to the novel it was based off of and made it more of a psychological stalking thriller instead of a teen slasher it would’ve been better. No one needed to die. I still like this movie for what it is, though.

  • Khy

    Julie James is one of my favorite final girls right after Sidney. I never understood why some people disliked her- she was badass and I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt nailed the shit out of that role. She acted her ass off in both films!

    • Vesuvian Villain

      I think it was by association. The more annoying characters like Freddie Prinze Jr and Jack Black kind of distracted from the better performances in those movies overall. That was pretty much all my friends remembered about the sequel was Jack Black deserving a more painful death. Back before he was involved in anything good like High Fidelity or Tenacious D, everyone hated that dude.

    • Barry El Beardo

      I really enjoy watching I STILL KNOW…. It has plot holes galore but its fun and gorier than the first!

      • Khy

        I STILL KNOW is one of my favorite slashers. A true fun ride

  • DirkShadows

    “Game-changer” *takes drink*

    • John Squires

      We’re talking about Scream there, not I Know What You Did Last Summer. 😉

  • Maxime C

    Hey James, 2 is written TWO.
    You’re welcome.

  • Boydon

    any updates on the remake/reboot? wasn’t it slated for release this year?

    • John Squires

      Nothing yet, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled!

      • Matt Callahan

        The fact that the hardest update on the remake was June 2016, according to IMDB, is pretty shameful. And Mike Flanagan’s ‘we turned in our script and we have no involvement excuse,’ which he’s been signing since 2015, is outrageously unacceptable at this point. Like, at least leak a storyline. SONY is being a bunch of super duper weenises.

  • DarkBree

    Love those!! And it’s one of my favorite horror movies.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Love it!!! She definitely deserves a final girl spot.

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