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Makeup Artist Brutally Disfigures Disney Princesses



What if Rapunzel… got strangled by her own hair?

We recently shared with you an art series wherein the iconic Disney princesses were fused with our favorite horror villains, which we really got a kick out of. After all, there’s just something about seeing Pinhead in the role of Snow White that is undeniably amusing. Wacky Disney princess art has become pretty popular here on the net, where random weirdness reigns supreme, but one artist is taking it to a whole new level.

Appropriately titled YouTube channel Glam&Gore is home to the incredible (and often horrifying) work of Mykie, a self-taught beauty and special effects makeup artist who loves making herself “pretty ugly.” She unloads new makeup tutorials each and every week, and her “Glam&Gore Disney Princess Series” has been a particular highlight of late.

This is my interpretation of the dark side of Disney,” Mykie explained when she launched the series last year. “Putting a spin on Disney is nothing new – in fact it’s been done in art and cosplay for quite a long time, and many of the stories themselves come from Brothers Grimm fairytales. But I wanted to put my own twist on that, and bring it to YouTube with SFX makeup.”

From “Burnt Belle” to “Sick Snow White,” Mykie’s incredible makeup tutorials reimagine the beloved Disney princesses as gruesomely disfigured characters ripped out of horror movies. She even goes one step further by making short films within each of the tutorials, showing how each princess met her horrifying fate.

Check out the full series below!