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[Video] ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ Gets the “Kill Count” Treatment

Ten years after it was first teased, Freddy and Jason finally battled.

Released in 2003, the Ronny Yu-directed Freddy vs. Jason is a film that I personally hold near and dear. The fact that the franchise mash-up even exists is no minor miracle, but I don’t just love the movie merely because it’s a thing that actually happened.

I love Freddy vs. Jason because it’s a whole lot of fun, delivering a final act fight scene between Freddy and Jason that is without a doubt one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed while sitting inside of a movie theater. Like most of the individual installments in each franchise (I can do without Dream Child and Jason Goes to Hell), I find myself revisiting it pretty often, and I always have a blast with it. It delivered exactly what I hoped it would back in 2003, and it continues delivering to this day.

Not to mention, Freddy vs. Jason provided us with one final Robert Englund performance as Freddy Krueger – and goddamn did he relish the opportunity. After New Nightmare, I was pretty sure we had seen the last of Englund’s Freddy, so that was one hell of a treat.

In any event, Freddy vs. Jason is the latest film spotlighted in James A. Janisse’s ongoing “Kill Count” video series, where he closely examines every single death in his favorite horror films. It’s become a Friday tradition, and you can watch the new video below!



  • He’s one of the best youtubers in my opinion.

    • Hey, thanks so much Pedro! I think it’s a combination of having a lot of experience making videos on my other channel, and just having a deep passion for these movies and horror in general.

      • I wish all the best for you, Youtube is a hard and good experience!
        I’m trying to be youtuber in Portugal but it’s complicated, I’m not sure if I will give up and delete my videos.

      • CB Punk

        Love your videos but just gotta make a quick correction Lori not Laura.

        • Oh, I KNOW! As soon as I got the first comment about that I felt SO BAD for getting it wrong the entire time.

          • CB Punk

            Nah don’t feel bad no matter her name she was still extremely stiff and boring as a character. I agree 100% with your assessment of the film. The “teens” in the film are just flat out boring and at points unnecessary. Given as long as this was in development and how many scripts there were I’m surprised at how terrible it turned out.

          • Necro

            Shit happens! You going to tackle other franchises in the future?

          • Yeap! Up next is Scream

          • Necro

            Cool good to hear. May I ask why ‘Scream’ and not ‘Halloween’, ‘Hellraiser’, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, etc.? Don’t get me wrong I like the ‘Scream’ franchise.

      • Jonny Angel

        James.. You are the man.. You come up with so many one good liners, I laugh out loud when you come up with a good zinger. Keep making these videos

    • bastardjackyll

      Pretty amazing that he’s been able to churn out these entertaining, well made videos consecutively week after week. He’s kicking a lot of people in the ass right now.

  • 8-bit Jason

    A bit out of context but in my mind, FVJ has the worst make-up for both Jason and Freddy. They look so rubbery.

    • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

      Plus they bounced around at the end like rubber balls.

      • Saturn

        Bouncy bouncy.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Yeah they definitely need some moistness or something. So dry and rubbery.

  • Necro

    What a weekend it was in 2003, my first ever Horror convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland all kicking off on Friday August 15, 2003. Needless to say it was my birthday that day and I can’t think of a better birthday than that weekend. That particular day I met Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, and Ashley Laurence. And than after all that excitement I capped off my night by going to see ‘Freddy vs Jason’ which was just released that day. I absolutely love this film, there are gripes I have, but I’ve definitely seen worse, way worse films than that! The biggest gripe was the dark red, almost blackish purple looking blood at times. Other than that what a fun fucking movie and one that I rewatch at least 3-4 times a year. The last time I watched this I watched it 5 times in one week. And for me personally I had a feeling at the time it might have been the last time we got to see Robert as ‘Freddy’. Anyway I could go on and on but here are my personal favorite kills:

    1) The asshole ‘Trey’ had such a nasty way with his I guess girlfriend and getting folded up in bed like that was really karma in my book. Now if you watch closely before he gets folded when he’s getting stabbed Kurzinger is not even close to stabbing him. He’s gotta be at least 1-2 feet away! I saw it immediately in the theater. I think Kane would’ve done a better job, even besides that someone on the crew should’ve seen that error with all the playback they have, not to mention budget.
    2) This goes to the jock at the rave party. The scene where the two are off smoking weed and the taller one Colby sees ‘Jason’ and says “Invite only corn poke and you weren’t invited.” Just as he finishes his sentence ‘Jason’ calmly reaches up and twists his head all the way around exorcist style with little effort and then lightly shoves him with one finger and Colby just drops! Best yet is the way ‘Jason’ looks over at his friend ‘Shack’ as if saying “your turn!”
    3) I gotta give this to the annoying bitch ‘Kia’. As she is attempting to insult ‘Freddy’ like the idiot she is, she forgets about ‘Jason’ and the way he clubs her with his machete and then she goes flying into the tree is well overdue in my opinion! Til this day I’d like to know why she was cast in that role. I mean she didn’t ruin the film or anything, she just irks me whenever I watch it.
    4) My honorable mention kills go to ‘Officer Stubbs’ who for whatever reason decided to break the law as a cop to help out our troubled teens, without question I might add. Well his electrocution is actually pretty good and he damn near turns black he gets fried that bad. Cool effects on that. And my other goes to ‘Linderman’ when ‘Jason’ backhands him and he goes flying back into the shelf end on the wall. Ouch! that would hurt right into your kidney. The fact that he didn’t die outright and hung on in agony is why I give this honorable mention.

  • Mac888 spectral

    I liked Freddy Vs Jason a lot back in the day, but the only way I can watch it now is with the commentary from Englund, Kirzinger, and Yu. It’s not a bad movie with regards to story, but what ultimately sinks it for me is the utterly putrid dialogue. Offhand I can’t think of another movie with SO MANY lines that are just embarrassingly bad. It’s like Shannon & Swift wrote it for 10 year olds. The whole sequence in the high school hallways, where Mark starts ranting to Lori about Freddy, is downright egregious.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Don’t forget David S. Goyer gave it a rewrite.

  • Barry El Beardo

    Its Lori, not Laura

    But I love this guy

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