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[Video] ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ Gets the “Kill Count” Treatment

Ten years after it was first teased, Freddy and Jason finally battled.

Released in 2003, the Ronny Yu-directed Freddy vs. Jason is a film that I personally hold near and dear. The fact that the franchise mash-up even exists is no minor miracle, but I don’t just love the movie merely because it’s a thing that actually happened.

I love Freddy vs. Jason because it’s a whole lot of fun, delivering a final act fight scene between Freddy and Jason that is without a doubt one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed while sitting inside of a movie theater. Like most of the individual installments in each franchise (I can do without Dream Child and Jason Goes to Hell), I find myself revisiting it pretty often, and I always have a blast with it. It delivered exactly what I hoped it would back in 2003, and it continues delivering to this day.

Not to mention, Freddy vs. Jason provided us with one final Robert Englund performance as Freddy Krueger – and goddamn did he relish the opportunity. After New Nightmare, I was pretty sure we had seen the last of Englund’s Freddy, so that was one hell of a treat.

In any event, Freddy vs. Jason is the latest film spotlighted in James A. Janisse’s ongoing “Kill Count” video series, where he closely examines every single death in his favorite horror films. It’s become a Friday tradition, and you can watch the new video below!




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