Mag Review: Rue Morgue Issue #43: The Manson Family

Inside you’ll find a look at Rue Morgue issue #43, where it’s Halloween every month without the spoilers and with good articles! This months mag features the film The Manson Family, which hits video shelves on March 26th. Read on for a taste of what you should be buying every month…
Although this issue of Rue Morgue doesn’t appeal to me like the past handful has, it’s still an entertaining read. If an amazing cover featuring The Manson Family doesn’t get you pumped what will?

This months Dreadline is something you Blair Witch fans don’t want to miss. We get an article with the creators of the film Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez as they talk about both their upcoming indie horror flicks and talk about their confusion over Blair Witch 3.

Another section I always love is the Weird Stats and Morbid Facts along with the Sick Top Six- this month is Necrophilia. Who could forget the sex scene from Dead Alive– and they know the fun you’re all in for when High Tension hits theaters this June (if it’s not cut- blech!).

Charles Manson followers rejoice, because Rue Morgue has blasted out a seven page feature on Charles Manson and the new movie The Manson Family. Even cooler, there’s an interview with ex-Pantera singer Philip Anselmo about the score he wrote for the film! Kudos for the extra special surprise!

Into classic horror comics? Check out Don Hutchinson’s awesome article on the horror comics of the 30’s before the damn comics code shut everything down.

Who better than Jovanka Vuckovic to blast us with a cool article on Horror tattoos and the art of Bob Tyrrell. Usually I see peoples tattoo’s of characters from films and gasp- because they SUCK- wait until you see these bad boys! The Vincent Price one is priceless (no pun intended)!

If you’re a fan of horror then you also like to know what everyone’s picks of the best and worst of 2004 were. Here’s Rue Morgue’s chance to spread the love- and hate.

There’s plenty more to go around, rest assured your $8 is well spent. To order a subscription, click here.

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