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‘Hatchet’ Going On Theatrical Tour for 10th Anniversary

Never got to see Hatchet on the big screen? You may soon get the chance.

As we announced last week, a very special 10th anniversary screening of Adam Green’s Hatchet is taking place at next month’s UK FrightFest, where a never-seen version of the throwback slasher film will be shown to the festival audience.

And don’t worry, US fans. That same event is also going on tour!

The announcement was made on the Ariescope blog today…

“This is merely the first official ’10th Anniversary Event’ screening date of many to be announced, so please be patient! Due to writer/director’s Adam Green’s many obligations and extremely difficult schedule with current projects such as finishing post-production on his upcoming new film (details coming later this year), developing/shooting two new television projects, the forthcoming SCARY SLEEPOVER ‘Christmas Special’ (12/15/17), the next issues of the HATCHET & HOLLISTON comics, a novel he is finishing writing, the weekly MOVIE CRYPT podcast, writing/rehearsing the next season of HOLLISTON, and even more new, fun stuff that we can’t announce just yet… scheduling and committing to tour dates and appearances has never been harder to accomplish. But fear not! As the Fall gets closer more and more cities and dates will start being announced and man do we have some great stuff planned!

Very few details about the special anniversary version of HATCHET that Green (and surprise guests) will be screening in London will be revealed beforehand other than the fact that fans will be treated to never before seen footage and will also (very likely) get a sneak preview of a little something special from Green’s still untitled forthcoming new film (due out at the end of 2017) before the HATCHET screening begins. Rather than spoil any of the surprises in advance we’re just going to let the fans in London see for themselves! YES, the same footage shown at FrightFest will be shown at every stop on the ’10th Anniversary’ tour this Fall so don’t worry if you can’t physically be there.”

Grab your tickets for the FrightFest screening on the FrightFest website!



  • Shane o mac

    I wouldn’t mind another Hatchet sequel

    • Kristoffer Groves


  • ScriptGiverrrr

    I’m still kicking myself for buying this DVD ten years ago without seeing it first.

  • Matheus Martins

    This trilogy is what the friday the 13th, texas chainsaw, halloween sequels should be.

    No bullshit pretentious ”story”, trying to better than the original, just pure slasher fun.

  • Horrible Day

    As soon as I saw Hatchet my heart skipped a fucking beat, I guess this is still cool though

  • bastardjackyll

    H3 was the best. Tamara Feldman>>>Danielle Harris

  • Brad Tyler

    I frickin’ LOVE the Hatchet trilogy. Pure, mindless, over the top, gory entertainment. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else. 🙂

  • Simon Allen

    I think the first one is actually the weakest of the 3 … takes far too long to get cracking .

    • Mightygil

      completely agree

    • Barry El Beardo


  • Alanmac

    LOVED 1 & 2!!!! Hope this comes close to my area!!!

  • Necro

    Love this trilogy! No bullshit just good Horror and Adam Green’s story is great. I remember reading about him in the highly missed Fangoria. How he was to the point of living in his car and shit, and look at him now. Great films so far and most likely more good stuff to come. Whenever I see his name on anything it’s mine! He’s definitely all about the fans and I hope he comes to a convention near me one day cuz I definitely have some things for him to autograph. This never-seen-before version of ‘Hatchet’ is it ever going to be available on home video, or is it a little to early to ask? Keep up the good work Adam!

  • DE@DFukk

    Adam Green is a talentless hack

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