You Didn’t Want it, But You’re Getting it Anyways- Cannibals!

Remember a long, long time ago when we posted this news story from Kassel, Germany, where a German computer expert confessed to killing a man and eating the flesh of an Internet acquaintance? Even better, the man he ate requested to be eaten? We got so much hate mail for posting that story and I had to stop my new column before it even took off. Well guess what? A movie entitled Butterfly, a Grimm Love Story is being based off of the story! Read on for the scoop…
Real life killer Bernd Juergen Brandes pictured at the right.

According to The Hollywood Reporter

Keri Russell is set to star in and German actor Thomas Kretschmann is in negotiations to join “Butterfly, a Grimm Love Story,” an independent feature based on the Internet cannibal movement, which involves hundreds of Web sites for cannibal fetishists. The feature is being produced by Marco Weber (“Igby Goes Down”) through his Atlantic Streamline banner. The psychological horror-thriller was written by newcomer TS Faull and will be directed by Martin Weisz, who is best known for directing music videos for Korn and Sean Combs.Weber will produce with Andreas Schmid and Streamline executive vp production Vanessa Coifman.

Source: Hollywood Reporter