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This Artist Imagines Modern Horror Favorites On VHS

VHS lives forever.

Watching movies at home is currently easier and more affordable than it’s ever been, largely thanks to VOD rentals that are available for just a few bucks at the push of a button. You don’t even have to put on pants to rent the latest new release horror movie, which is pretty great for shut-ins like myself.

And yet, as easy as movie renting may now be, there’s something I just can’t help but miss about the video store experience. I’m of course not alone on that, as many people (horror fans in particular) are still holding onto all that nostalgia for dear life. Yes, video stores are (mostly) long dead, as is the VHS format, but the past is very much still alive in the hearts of many.

One fan who clearly still has a whole lot of love for the heyday of the VHS tape is an artist who goes by the name Steelberg. He specializes in making custom VHS cases that imagine today’s horror movies as rentals on the shelves of small town mom and pop video shops, and he nails the aesthetic so well that they just might transport you back to the “good old days.”

Many websites in recent years have spotlighted Steelberg’s work, so you’ve probably seen a lot of the stuff he’s done in the past. But we wanted to share some of his newer work with you today. Below you’ll find (faux) VHS tapes for recent faves such as Get Out, Don’t Breathe and The Final Girls!




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