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New Episodes of Blomkamp’s ‘Cooking With Bill’ Bring Horror to the Kitchen

Yes, Neill Blomkamp has unloaded TWO MORE short films today, proving that he’s one of the busiest dudes on the scene right now. Blomkamp’s new venture Oats Studios has fully unleashed his creativity, and we sure have been loving all the output.

Last month, Blomkamp kicked off his Cooking With Bill series, which puts a horrifying spin on cheesy cooking infomercials from the ’80s. Creature effects legend Alec Gillis plays the role of Bill in the series, and the first episode introduced the highly dangerous Damasu 950.

Episodes 2 & 3 are now available, and they find Bill having similarly horrifying adventures in the kitchen when he tries out the new PrestoVeg and Magiblend 200 appliances. This dude just can’t catch a break, can he?

Check out the new shorts below and help fuel more Neill Blomkamp creativity by showing your support through the official Oats Studios website.



  • RedNeoCon

    Blomkamp should be in pre-production for Aliens 5, not screwing around with this project. But it looks like Ridley “old man” Scott tells FOX execs what to do. Sadly it doesn’t pay off.

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      Yeah, filmmakers should just stop “screwing around” with ACTUAL creativity and just churn out garbage with brand names attached to them. How dare he be creative?

      • RedNeoCon

        If you like the way FOX shits on fans of franchises, then say “open wide”.

    • Frank Gambino

      old man scott is the ultimate cock block

    • Nicholas Heath Kinsman

      I actually love these shorts… Not everything produced needs to be a large project with lengthy runtimes. These are fun, accessible for a wide audience, and are incredible advancements in the horror/scifi-short genre… Cooking With Bill is the only segment I feel has a stale story platform, but it’s fun, you know? Lighten up!

  • zombie84_41

    this dude is an amazin director and creative person. And makes dope cgi. i love these bill shorts i hope he does tie it all together

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