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‘Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella’ Coming This Halloween

How’s this for a Halloween treat?!

The worlds of the badass Cassie Hack and the legendary Vampirella will collide this coming October in Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella, an upcoming new comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment. The creative team includes writer Shawn Aldridge and artist Rapha Lobosco.

In the comic series…

The Vegas strip heats up as Cassie Hack, accompanied by her protector Vlad, are on the trail of a deadly slasher and meet the lovely, yet lethal Vampirella. The team-up event you’ve been waiting for is a high-stakes game of chance when they have to take on The Queen of Hearts!”

Vampirella is the original horror exploitation heroine, and it’s been a goal of mine since I started Hack/Slash back in 2004 to have her team up with Cassie and Vlad!,” said Tim Seely, creator of Hack/Slash. “Dynamite has recruited some awesome talent to handle this never-before-seen tale, which will tie back to the new Hack/Slash series from Image.”

Check out a sneak peek below!



  • Grimphantom

    I thought Vlad die, are they still making Hack/Slash comics? I remember there’s a continuation but from that i haven’t heard much.

    I know the movie won’t happen anytime soon but would be cool to see a live action or better yet a cartoon series based on Cassie, i honestly want to see the story arc of how she’s struggling of not becoming the one she hates the most.

    • CB Punk

      I was actually gonna say the same thing Vlad died. I know they did a quick ark a year or so ago but haven’t heard anything since.

  • The One and Only

    I’m taking a shot here and thinking this crossover is set before that final HACK/SLASH arc in the ongoing where poor Vlad met his end at the knife point of Samhain. Wouldn’t mind Dynamite getting hold of the F13 and A Nightmare On Elm Street licenses to boot so we can finally do HACK/SLASH:Freddy Vs. Jason.

  • umaneo


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