Lions Gate Shuffles, Shifts and Adds Dates

Lions Gate Film has a butt load of new films hitting theaters and DVD shelves in the upcoming year. Some would say it’s clutter, I say it’s pure bliss, especially with Tartan, Anchor Bay and Media Blasters joining the battle once again. Inside you’ll find dates for Rottweiler and many more…
Fangoria writes:

“Lions Gate Home Entertainment just informed Fango that it has set a July 19 video release date for ROTTWEILER, the killer-dog opus from Brian Yuzna and Julio Fernández’s Fantastic Factory. Yuzna directed the film from Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa’s script, about a young couple who run afoul of an evil colonel (veteran Spanish star Paul Naschy) and his biomechanical “pet.” The cast also includes William Miller, Irene Montalà, Paulina Gálvez and Bárbara Elorrieta; the deadly pooch FX were created by Vincent Guastini. You can see more about the movie here.

Other new additions to the Lions Gate slate are Jeffrey Obrow’s aliens-on-Earth chiller THEY ARE AMONG US (see item here), coming July 26; the intriguingly titled VAMPIRE ASSASSINS (August 9); and the video bow of Uwe Boll’s ALONE IN THE DARK (May 10). Meanwhile, Mick Garris/Stephen King’s DESPERATION has been shifted to a tentative November 1 berth (and may be moved further depending on the telefilm’s airdate), and THREE: TRILOGY OF FEAR now debuts November 8—taking the place of the follow-up THREE… EXTREMES, which will hit the home market at an undetermined date following theatrical play.”

Source: Fangoria