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‘Warcraft III’ Gets a New Test Realm for Future Remaster?

Blizzard has hinted at remastering Warcraft III after they get Starcraft: Remastered out the door, and with Starcraft: Remastered coming out in a couple of days, it now seems that we’re getting yet another hint that Warcraft III may be next.

On Blizzard’s official forums, it was announced that the first official Public Test Realm (PTR) for Warcraft III is now live. The PTR includes balance changes for start locations and the difficulty of creep camps, as well as adjustments to item diversity. Several other improvements, including new textures for map clarity have been added as well. More fixes/improvements, such as matchmaking and latency issues, will be added at a later date.

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point, since Blizzard has been mum on what their plans are for the franchise. The same can also be said for Diablo II, for which fans have also been speculating that it’s also getting a remaster. In the meantime, we have the new Necromancer class to dabble with in Diablo III.

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  • Muscle Struts

    Man, that video is nostalgic as all hell.

    • Vohtrake

      Yes bigtime, been so long already!

  • I suppose remastering more successful games is always an option. Especially considering where D3 failed. D3 is enjoyable, but I would honestly (and do) prefer Path of Exile.

    Also, I’m amused that the CG in a 1999 trailer is better than half the cinematics they put into WoW. (Seriously, some of them are absolutely horrid.)

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