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30 Years Ago, ‘The Monster Squad’ Premiere Was the Hottest Party in Town

One of the most beloved ’80s horror movies turns 30 today.

Universal may currently be having a tough time uniting their iconic monsters into a shared universe, but back in 1987, Fred Dekker seemed to do it with relative ease.

Written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker, and directed by Dekker, The Monster Squad (unofficially) brought together Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Gill Man and Dracula, pitting them up against the only united front that seemed capable of vanquishing true evil back in the ’80s: a group of adventurous kids, of course.

The Monster Squad was released on August 14, 1987, but the film’s big premiere party is what we’re here to talk about today. According to Getty Images, the party took place on June 3, 1987 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City, and it was attended by more than just the cast and crew. In fact, it was a who’s who of Hollywood stars at the time.

Not only did actors attend the party dressed as the film’s five monsters, but so too did the likes of Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meatloaf, Drew Barrymore and Kirk Cameron! As for young star Andre Gower, he partied with Hollywood’s elite while rocking his red “Stephen King Rules” t-shirt.

To be a fly on the wall of that party, huh?

Check out some awesome photographs from the coolest premiere party ever below, via the retro blog Branded in the ’80s. And see more over on Getty Images!



  • Munchie

    I know this is sacrilege because I grew up in the 80s and I love Shane Black and Fred Dekker, but man, I just don’t like this movie. I didn’t even like it that much when I was 15. It never really adds up to much of anything for me. Night of the Creeps is vastly superior as fun horror in my opinion.

  • Neto Ribeiro

    Great movie, I wish I had watched it when I was younger.

  • Wolf Myers

    Check out my Monster Squad channel. It’s the biggest on YouTube.

  • Creepshow

    It was nice of Kiefer to roll out of bed after a bender, and slap a sport coat on.

  • Travis_Bickle

    I went to the showing of the 20th anniversary premier at comic-con in 2007. The whole cast was there. It was amazing. Shawn from the movie sat right behind me.

  • Axi

    That is a seriously fucked up Wolf Man!

    • Bobby Jones

      this Wolf Man has nards

  • Always wondered if that’s Tom Noonan as Frankenstein at the premiere. Definitely not Duncan Regehr as Dracula.

    • I doubt it was him. Doesn’t really look like him, and he was a legit actor.

  • Tan Shearer

    One of the most beloved 80’s horror movies? How exactly? It was a flop when released and only a handful of people like it now.

    • Handful now? How are you coming up with that number? It’s had multiple releases on various formats, special editions, retrospectives etc. The soundtrack has gotten similar special treatment, and there is a ton of merch out there related to it. And there are constantly cast and crew screenings, parties, events. There was even talk of a sequel lately. It’s a total cult classic.

      • Tan Shearer

        Very few films don’t get a release so that’s a poor argument. Also it was quite late to the party. Its blu-ray release only came out recently and blu-ray’s been around for what 11 years now? Dracula, Gill-man etc. merch is most definitely not down to this film. Constantly? Never heard of a single one xD. Oooh talk of a sequel? That makes it a classic I guess, just like how Sharknado 2 is such a classic because it has a sequel it MUST be a classic.

        • I’m not clear. Your issue here is that Monster Squad what….shouldn’t be called a “beloved 80’s horror movie?” Why is that a problem? What would it need to do to earn that statement?

          • Tan Shearer

            They also said “one of the most” this is anything but the most beloved 80’s horror. Those would be films like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, The Shining, Hellraiser, The Thing, Gremlins, Poltergeist, The Fly I could go on. You get the point, this film is hardly up there with those classics.

          • I think that’s a matter of opinion and more than a handful would not share it.

          • Drakk_Mallor

            Carpenter’s The Thing was a flop when it came out. The Evil Dead only got a domestic release when it did well in foreign markets and even then it was by no means a blockbuster. Evil Dead 2 finished right above Raising Arizona it’s opening weekend, neither film coming anywhere near the top 20 of the box office when they came out. Why is it okay to love these films that were flops but not so with Monster Squad?

          • Tan Shearer

            The Thing was the #8 movie of the week at the box office and It remained in the top 10 for three weeks. That’s hardly a flop. The Evil Dead is huge franchise raking in millions constantly. The Monster Squad was a flop when released and only has a small fanbase now while some of the horror classics were flops when released they have huge followings now. However The Monster Squad does not.

          • Drakk_Mallor

            The Thing grossed 19.60 million on a budget of 15 million. That’s a flop. The Room and Plan 9 from Outer Space could be said to have gone on make millions as well, but that doesn’t excuse them for being terrible. The Evil Dead movies caught on over the years based on their being great, unique movies. The Monster Squad has it’s charms and deserves the fans it has. Also, “The Thing opened #8 and remained in the top 10 at the box office for three weeks. ” is straight from Wikipedia. Go troll somewhere else.

          • Tan Shearer

            And you will notice that the statement has a citation. Wikipedia requires citations for claims such as that. It’s actually very rare for Wikipedia to feature incorrect information and is normally removed very quickly. (Much less than the academics who still grasp onto books would try and have you believe).

          • Drakk_Mallor

            Yeah, like that time I went to read up on T.H. White and found his biography reduced to “T.H. White was a homosexual sadomasochist”. Or if I need details on sex in the Witcher games. Awesome.

    • Drakk_Mallor

      Beauty and quality are things in the eye of the beholder.

      Which is why, in Dungeons and Dragons, ‘beauty potion’ should be a thing wizards make out of vitreous squeezed from Beholder eyeballs. Or has Harry Potter already done that? Fucking Potter ruins everything.

  • Drakk_Mallor

    Wow, shocking, ‘The Monster Squad’ isn’t a KEWL movie to like. Good on it’s fans, I guess.

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