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‘The Houses October Built 2’ Gets a Release Date

We have so much to look forward to this Halloween season, and one of the films I personally can’t wait to check out is The Houses October Built 2. The sequel to 2014’s found footage gem was only recently announced, and it’s already headed our way next month.

As announced on the official Houses October Built Facebook page this week, the sequel will hit limited theaters and VOD outlets on September 22.

Expect a trailer soon.

Bobby Roe once again directed the film, which he co-wrote with Zack Andrews.

The new film picks up the five haunted-house enthusiast friends still trying to recover from the trauma of being kidnapped last Halloween by the Blue Skeleton — a group who takes “extreme haunt” to another level. They decide to face their fears in order to move on, and go back out on the road to find more haunted houses, but signs of the Blue Skeleton start appearing again.

Brandy Schaefer, Zack Andrews, Mikey Roe and Jeff Larson star.



  • llcc1103

    Hell House LLC is so much better than this movie.

    • jsmoltz29

      Just watched Hell House. I agree that it was definitely the better produced movie, but I still prefer Houses October Built for one reason. Houses wasn’t paranormal. It had much more of a sense that it could really happen.

  • Brian VonDerahe

    Loved the first one and look forward to this one. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Munchie

    I agree that Hell House LLC is the better film, and I’m not thrilled that they decided to use the same characters just returning to do the same stuff, because honestly who in their right mind would ever go to a haunt again after what happened in the first one. But I’m still intrigued to see it.

    • Matt Miller

      And who would want a movie with the same annoying characters again.

    • Necro

      Yeah I totally agree!

  • Peep_Jerky

    Making it with the same characters sounds like a terrible idea. First of all, why would they put themselves through it again? Second, why are they still alive? I assumed they died at the end of the movie, I thought that’s what the whole first movie was building to. Kind of ruins the ending for me.

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