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‘IT’ Director Andy Muschietti Shares Feelings On 1990 Adaptation

Twenty-seven years ago, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch director Tommy Lee Wallace introduced us to Pennywise on the small screen with IT, the original mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel.

With Andy Muschietti’s new adaptation arriving next month, you may be wondering what the Mama director thinks of the 1990 iteration.

Well wonder no more, as Muschietti has shared his feelings on IT 1990 in a chat with SFX Magazine. And, well, he feels the same way as many of us do about it.

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the miniseries,” Muschietti told the mag. “I was not a child anymore when it came out in 1990. So my attachment was very much to the book and to the world of Stephen King more than the miniseries.”

I totally acknowledge how iconic that miniseries was for a generation,” he made sure to note. “But also you have to say that it impacted that generation because they saw it with very young eyes as a TV movie or on VHS. A lot of people don’t remember the whole thing, but they are terrified of the iconic scenes of the clown behind the sheets in the beginning and the storm drain.”

Muschietti’s IT arrives on September 8.



  • boxcar182

    He is right. I recently watched the miniseries and it doesn’t hold up at all. I did see it back then when I was young and found it terrifying but it was because of my “young eyes”. I do like Tim Curry’s performance even if it was a bit hokey.

  • Andy Frolis

    Word for word exactly what I expected him to say. That seems to be the standard response.

  • Necro

    My issue is that it was made specifically for t.v., as far as that is concerned it was ok for what they were able to do with it. Not to mention it was on regular cable so there is another strike, if it would’ve been done for HBO, Cinemax or one of those I would hope it would be better. What’s interesting to me is if it would be done now for t.v., and I mean t.v. today has gotten a lot more lenient, especially regular cable channels. Plus Horror was treated like shit back then so it would be interesting to see it done specifically for t.v. today and see how much they could get away with. With the film coming out and regardless of personal opinions, I feel a rated R film is the best way to tell this story. And really the only way. IMO

  • Il love the fact that the movie il coming out 27 years after the miniseries

    • Alexander Howlin

      Yup! Neat trivia if you have read the book before. For those who are not sure, in the book Pennywise returns to Derry every 27 years to feed, and the remake is coming 27 years after the original. I only wonder if that was planned on purpose, or just a coincidence, as a new IT film has been planned for years.

  • le4therfac3

    i’ll never understand why people hold the miniseries in such high regard. it’s entertaining, and aside from tim curry’s performance (which is more comical than scary), it’s just not very good. but different strokes for different folks, i guess.

  • Graham

    Fair assessment. Iconic for a generation (my own in fact) and perhaps fondly remembered for that reason, but I don’t think it’s especially good. But granted it was a TV movie with significant limitations.

  • astronauta69

    the miniseries is already a classic, let’s see if he can do the same with his adaptation

    • Red Right Return

      Ehhh I would have to disagree. Tim Curry’s role as Pennywise is classic, but the miniseries leaves a lot to be desired compared to the source material.

      • bglooney

        I’d disagree. I think beyond his performance it’s an enjoyable horror film and many consider it a classic. All just opinions.

  • Mike Lawrence

    True tho. The original lives on in our minds as a classic horror icon, but if you rewatch it as an adult…pretty terrible aside from a handful of scenes.
    So looking forward to this remake.

  • Trav

    Fair assessment. The miniseries hasn’t aged well, and at best, it’s a decent made for TV movie, and not necessarily a classic horror movie. Has Stephen King ever expressed an opinion on the miniseries? I’ve never been able to find anything on his thoughts on the 1990 version. Anyway, I really look forward to this new adaption.

  • TrackRecord162

    I concur!

  • Jacob & Tab

    I agree for sure. I recently rewatched it and Tim Curry’s Pennywise got me real bad when I was 7 years old, but I had forgotten how shallow an adaptation it is. ~Jacob

  • Tarman_85

    If Tim Curry had been directed to play Pennywise the way he played the serial killer on Criminal Minds a few years back, he would have been one creepy ass clown. His performance on Criminal Minds was absolutely brilliant!–tim-curry-rocky-horror.jpg

  • Hernan Guichal

    I think people are not realistic at all when it comes to the miniseries, the fact that it was done for TV back when you couldn’t get things past approval as you can today says a lot. Sure it hasn’t aged well but very few TV movies have. I think a lot of people treat this material like if it were an actual full fledged film and it’s not-
    And to add something, let’s hope the new film is up to all the hype it has generated because let’s face it there’s HUGE hype surrounding IT and sometimes that blows up in yo face

    • Necro

      Yep! Pretty much what I said myself

    • Matheus Martins

      Thats what i keep saying.

      People keep treating this like it will be the new Exorcist. If the overhype doesn’t hold a candle to the actual quality of the movie… them get prepared for a lot of hate in coming. And a possible bombing in the box office too.

  • The Drucifer

    Outside of nostalgia and some admittedly great casting the mini doesn’t really hold up.

  • Andrew Leigh Green

    I tried watching the miniseries a few years back as it had scared me as a child. Sadly, those fond and scary memories quickly evaporated. I’m rather looking forward to the new movie!

  • Alexander Howlin

    As a big Stephen King fan, I see where he is coming from. If not for Tim Curry’s performance, I don’t think that the series would have been nearly as memorable as it is. Fun Fact: A study shows that Pennywise the Clown form IT (1990) shaped the collective fears of a whole generation. I read about that briefly on a Stephen King fan page.

    • Well of course the new IT will be a hit. They have all this CGI now. But nobody can’t deny that the 90s mini-series was quite scary to say the least and as stated paved the way for films that followed. I read the whole book, and I compared it to the miniseries before all this remake was announced (a few years ago) and I noticed that the original book and the mini-series adaption were quite different. The book was even more scary, more deaths, more surreal but all I could think of when reading through the book was the 90s mini-series, I couldn’t picture anything other than that series.

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