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‘Quake Champions’ Enters Early Access, Doom Guy Joins the Party

Bethesda’s Quake Champions is still a ways off from release, but the good news for those looking to play the game is that it’s moving out of closed beta, and into Early Access August 22nd. In addition, be prepared to rip and tear with the newest addition to the game’s 30 playable Champions.

That’s right, DOOM‘s Doom Guy (known in Quake Champions as Doom Slayer) will be joining Quake Champions this week! As with every Champion, Doom Slayer has a special ability and a passive. True to form, Doom Slayer’s “Berserk” ability allows players to rip and tear opponents with their bare hands, while Slayer’s passive is a double jump.

Bethesda is also looking to add more content once the game enters Early Access, including new maps, Rune Challenges, Lore collectible that allow you to unlock a special skin, new customization options and more. And while Bethesda has stated that they intend for Quake Champions to go the free-to-play route, the game will initially carry a $30 USD price tag (which will be bumped to $40 once the game leaves Early Access). That gets you access to the current 11 Champions in the game (along with the other Champions to be released), an exclusive Early Access skin for the Champion character Ranger (aka Quake Guy), and three loot chests. It’s an interesting model, but remains to be seen if the game will rekindle the excitement players found in the deathmatches of old.

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  • Rohan

    30 bucks is not bad in reality. Think I might pick it up.

  • RJ MacReady

    I’m glad a new Quake game is coming out, but would much rather have Quake 5. Hopefully with the success of Doom 2016 Bethesda will make it happen.

    • nrkist

      QC is pretty great. I’ve been in since Alpha. It was an abomination then and barely playable and I was real iffy about the ‘champions’ aspect. It has come a long way in that time. It still has some pretty serious problems, like hit reg with rockets/rails, incorrect damage plumes, and basic netcode issues. But…it’s fun and generally rewarding gameplay that lives up to the strictures of Quake mechanics.

      I guess it’s still not something worth paying for, but if you look where it was 6 months ago to now, it’s pretty amazing. The team is constantly rebalancing hero’s and working on netcode. The steam release will be an update to netcode again. It’s still surprising to me that QL has better netcode, but I don’t really understand what is going on there. Supposedly there is debug data constantly being uploaded, which contributes to netcode issues.

      What do you call it when the act of observing the issue becomes the issue? Development is pretty backwards, but it’s moving forward pretty quickly despite this.

      Edit: You can watch some of the QC qualifiers after update and pro’s like Rapha just having so many pass through rails in studio. It was embarassing to watch and the players were clearly frustrated.

      • RJ MacReady

        Thanks for the good info. I may have to give it a try.

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